Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How to maintain that holiday glow

Let's face it we all look better with a summer glow. Be that from a tan or just a gentle glow that you get from being outdoors at this time of the year. And if you're anything like me, when I get a little bit of colour on my face from my summer holiday, I always vow to maintain it to keep that healthy look going for as long as possible.. but I can never be bothered with the preparation commitment that comes with fake tanning.

Thankfully Rimmel* have a few products that make maintaining that summer glow easy peasy and I've been testing them out.
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan
For those times when your natural tan is starting to fade or you just need a quick to apply/no fuss fake tan - not only is this so easy to apply, the gel texture makes for a streak free application. I've got the medium shade which gives a really lovely natural looking bronzed shade. It's a natural but noticeable difference, and I mean that in a good way! I also really like the scent, there's no biscuit smell here (although I like the smell of biscuits).
As this is an instant tan, it comes off as soon as you wash it off and can be used on the face and body. 
There are three shades - light, medium and dark. £6.99 from Superdrug.
Rimmel Kate Sculpting palette
Rimmel Kate Sculpting palette
This make up bag palette is perfect for nights out and travelling. A palm sized palette of everything you need face powder wise - highlighter, shading powder (which can be used as either a contour or bronzer) and a pretty pink blush. £6.99 from Superdrug.
Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
I've already talked about how surprised I was that I like and get on with this cream dual ended contour and highlight stick (post here). And the love continues. This stick is fool (me) proof. I swipe the contour shade just below my cheek bones and blend in. The cream gives a natural, subtle contour and bronze look to the skin. And the highlighter is decent. I love this stick. I have the shade medium and it's also £6.99.
Rimmel Radiance Brick
Rimmel Radiance Brick
This multi tonal bronzing "brick" gives such a nice warmth to the skin. I've been using the darker end like a bronzer and then swirling my brush all around the pan for a finishing glow. This is also great used as eye shadow. £5.99.

So that's everything you need to prolong those holiday memories and colour for as long as possible.



Saturday, 15 July 2017

Death of the Swimsuit (for me!)

Primark swimsuit
I used to love wearing a bikini on holiday and one of my favourite areas to tan was my tummy. Don't know why because no one sees your tummy after your holiday. But just as my age has expanded, so has my tummy. Middle age spread, lack of exercise and IBS have all contributed towards having a constantly bloated tummy that I didn't want to tan and I certainly didn't want to show off! So I started to wear tankinis, a split swimsuit that's easier to wear and easier to pop to the loo in. And if I wanted to, I could just roll up the tankini top and get my tum out for a bit of fresh air.

And then a few years ago, much to my delight, swimsuits came back in to fashion. And I did embrace them. Swimsuits give you a seemless, flattened silhouette and really hold you in. Some even offer "tummy control" with a tighter band of material across your stomach and/or ruching of material to create a textured front and, therefore, detract from any bulging. The swimsuit above from Primark is a perfect example of this.

And some swimsuits can give an illusion of a slimmer figure with careful placing of material sections and patterns. Topshop did a lovely cream swimsuit with a simple black band of material around the waist. This gave the illusion of pulling in the waist line.

This swimsuit from Asda George is so heavily patterned that any extra tummy will be easily disguised.
Asda George swimsuit
However, this year on holiday, whilst I sat sweating and over heating on a Greek beach, in my all in one swimsuit, I looked around me at all the much cooler looking women in their two pieces. I saw all shapes and sizes and most importantly most of the older ladies were wearing bikinis, and rocking them. And they had lovely bronzed midriffs. They were also able to pop to the toilet in a much shorter amount of time than me. You'll know what I mean when I say trying to go to the loo in a swimsuit is like trying to peel down a skin over a slippery, misshapen sausage! It's not fun.

So I have decided that I'm not going to wear swimsuits any more. I'm going to accept the fact that I am not the same age and shape as the girls on Love Island and yes I have a paunch but I'm going to get that paunch out, get it tanned and not give a damn.

To help me, I have found some great two pieces that I think will suit those of us who want to wear a bikini but don't want to wear some god awful cut out, under boob revealing, g-string, one shoulder strapped, weird tan line inducing get up!

All of these are from Asos:
I love this monochrome set and with big pants these cover your tum if that's what you want.
More big pants and this bright summery pattern will help to hide any lumps and bumps.
The halter neck top on this set gives a different look to a traditional bikini top and would be great for days when you need to shield some over zealous tanning from the day before!
The pretty scalloped edging on this set will also help to draw the eye away from the tummy area. And the strapless top means no strap marks.
This set does look a bit like underwear but I was drawn to the frilly detail on the leg area and the frills on the top are great for those of us with small boobs.
And just for luck - is this tankini from Next. Tankinis are great for total tum coverage but when you want to, just roll the top up and let it all hang out. I love the geometric pattern.

So here's looking forward to my next holiday when I will be baring all. All of my love handles/muffin top/food lover's handbag...

I may be too old to go on Love Island but I too will be getting an (almost) all over tan.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ten Days in Pefkos, Rhodes

Pefkos beach
My family holiday this year saw us head to Rhodes for the first time. We rented a 3 bed villa in a small town called Pefkos, which is only a 15 minute drive from Lindos. This year was the first time we went away for 10 days and I have to say what a difference those 3 extra days make. I feel 10 days is the perfect amount of time, you can really relax in to your time away and get to enjoy it but without getting bored (not that I think anyone gets "bored" on holiday!).

Our villa was a modern, modestly sized villa with a good sized pool. The plus points of the villa were the air con in every room, Sue - the lady who came in every day to clean and keep the villa tidy for us, the location (short walking distance) to a few lovely restaurants and the beach.
The slightly negative points are the road to the front of the villa. We got used to it but it was fairly noisy and it is the only road out of Pefkos to the next resort. And there was only one shower for a 3 bed villa. (Cries of "shower's free" every night!). And the main bathroom was very small.

Here's the link to the villa.
Our villa was situated down the lower end of Pefkos, so apart from the road it was fairly quiet. Just adjacent to the villa is a lovely restaurant called Coralli, and being villa guests we got 10% off our bill each time. We visited Coralli several times and all our meals were really nice. On the last night I had my first whole Sea Bass, which was so tasty.
There are a couple of small supermarkets near to the villa which offer all your basic food needs. We did find a larger supermarket, which was a lot cheaper but this was back towards the airport and actually we found that all our meals out were so reasonable priced that is was cheaper to eat out than buy everything we needed for a BBQ.
Another great restaurant in the main area of Pefkos is Hellas. We had a couple of people recommend this to us and it did not disappoint. Although the first time we went, we were invaded with wasps. The waiters were quite good at using the zap bat but the wasps were really annoying. Apparently as the temperature gets hotter, the wasps bugger off as it's too hot for them!

The beach right opposite the villa is perfectly adequate, albeit with quite sharp sand. Just along the road in Pefkos are two other beaches - Lee, which is a soft yellow sand beach and then our favourite was Kyma Beach. Lots of free parking, two beach bar/restaurants close by and for 5 euro a day you get a comfortable sun lounger, parasol and frozen bottle of water served up by a not unattractive guy!

We went in to nearby Lindos twice - once for the day, visiting the Acropolis and beach and then, on a friend's recommendation we went back in the evening to visit Mythos roof top restaurant.
View from the top of Lindos Acropolis
Lindos main beach
Lindos St Paul's Bay beach
St Paul's Bay is as stunning as it looks. Over to the far right is a tiny chapel, which is popular for weddings and whilst sat sun bathing we saw at least two wedding parties walk down the steep slip road and get married.
View of the Acropolis
And the same view at night
Lindos to me was the gem of this holiday. I'm going to sound crass but Lindos is what I call "proper Greek". What I mean is Pefkos is lovely but you could be anywhere but in Lindos you know and feel you are in Greece. From the white washed buildings, winding cobbled streets that you can happily get lost in and then the almost hidden cove beaches. I fell in love with Lindos and would definitely go back.
See.. proper Greek!


Saturday, 8 July 2017

An evening with the Really Ree Team and Deciem

Me and Ree
Me and Ree
You may, or may not, know that as well as my little blog here at That Age Style, I am also a contributor for I wrote my first post for last April and continue to write regularly for Ree and the site. To say that this opportunity has been one of my top highlights during my blogging journey is a major understatement. And as well as being able to hone my writing and get to try and review many different beauty products, I am part of a growing team of wonderful contributors - some of whom I got to meet last Friday evening.

Last year Ree, Rebecca and Philip put on a wonderful evening at Space NK and as we all had such a fab evening, they decided to treat all the contributors to another event. And this time it was at brand of the moment and one which I have been loving for a while.. Deciem.
Deciem's store in London is at the front of Spitalfields market and although it is a small shop, it is packed full with all the Deciem brands.
You would have heard of brands such as The Ordinary and NIOD from Deciem and as well as these two there is also:

  • The Chemistry Brand - anti aging hand and body range
  • White RX - pigmentation skincare
  • Hylamide - multi depth skincare
  • Fountain - beauty supplements
  • Stemm - hair skincare
  • AB Crew - male fitness and beauty
  • Hif - hair cleansing conditioners
To talk us through the Deciem brands and answer questions was Nicola Kilner, the Co CEO of Deciem. I had watched Nicola on QVC when Deciem was featured on the channel and she is as lovely in real life as she seemed. Nicole explained the concept of Deciem, why she had wanted to work with them and really explained what had initially seemed to me to be an overwhelming range of products. I am even more excited about this brand than I was before and cannot wait for more exciting launches, particularly from The Ordinary.
Ree and Nicola Kilner
Ree and Nicola Kilner
After the Q&A, we were then let lose to browse, purchase and mingle and chat with Ree and Rebecca, the Deciem crew and of course all the other lovely contributors. It was so nice to chat with people I had met last year and also new faces as well. It was like an AA meeting for beauty junkies and it felt like I was in a safe and accepting environment to be able to talk about primers, foundations and highlighters at great length without any bored expressions!

I also got colour matched so now have the correct shade of both the The Ordinary Colours Serum and Coverage foundations, which I have written about here. 
The Ordinary Colours
The Ordinary Colours
And then before I knew it, it was time to leave to get my train back but not before receiving an incredibly generous goodie bag filled with products from The Ordinary - some of which I have already tried and love and a lot of new things. I'll carry on trying out the new bits and will report back to you soon.
I also purchased a few items myself, including a 12 hour mattifying primer from Hylamide - my first item from this range, so I'll review this as well once I've put it through it's paces, which is not difficult in this current hot and muggy weather.
Goodie bag and my own purchases
Goodie bag and my own purchases
Thank you to Ree, Rebecca and the Deciem Team for a fabulous evening - looking forward to the next one!



Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Ordinary Colours Foundations - which one to pick?

The Ordinary Colours Foundations
The Ordinary Colours Foundations
If you haven't heard and read about the beauty revolution that is The Ordinary from Deciem - where have you been? The Ordinary range of skincare treatment solutions has been developed to give a massive kick up the back side to the beauty industry that has seemingly fooled us, the consumer, for many years in to thinking that if we wanted to have top quality, results driven ingredients in serious skincare - we would have to pay through the nose for it.

It's not true because The Ordinary are proving that. I've written about the brand before here and I remain excited about this ridiculously affordable range that actually works.

The latest release from The Ordinary is Colours - two foundations that are priced at ... £5.90 for the full coverage and £5.70 for the serum foundation! Crazy.

When The Ordinary announced they were releasing these foundations, there was an immediate wait list and I know of people who are still waiting. I waited 3 months to receive the Serum foundation and 3.5 months for the Coverage. Using the shade guide, I ordered online and ordered 2.1Y. The Y is for yellow undertones which I know I am. However, this shade is far too dark for me. It's quite orangey. However, I was able to use it because once blended in to my skin, it actually matched quite well.

I've now been in to the Deciem store in London and got colour matched and to my surprise was matched as 2.1P - P is for pink undertones, which I didn't think I had as I do have an olive tone due to my Thai heritage (thank you Mumma) but as the lady explained pink undertones don't necessarily mean redness in the skin. She swatched it on to my face and when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't tell where the foundation was. And that's how you know it's a good match!

So let me talk you through the two different foundations.
Coverage Foundation
This is a high coverage creamy foundation that blends really well (they both do). The swatch is on the left of my angry clenched fist above and as you can tell it is, by its nature, a slightly thicker consistency. Both of these are in the shade 2.1P.
I really wanted the Coverage foundation, as I always favour a fuller coverage and this doesn't disappoint at all. It is a dream to apply and you seriously need such a tiny amount, as both foundations are very pigmented.
This is not matt coverage more a semi-matt. I have combination skin with an oily T and this foundation does help keep shine at bay but not with any sort of chalky "dead flat matt" look that no one likes.
I am happy with the Coverage but, much to my surprise, I am over the moon with the..

Serum Foundation
From the photo above, swatched on the right, you can see that the Serum foundation is a lighter texture. I would say lighter than a serum and denser than water. You need to make sure you remember to shake this and again you need the tiniest amount. The thing that surprised me about this foundation is it really does give great coverage. I don't get on with BB creams as I need more coverage but this gives coverage and lightness at the same time. It feels weightless on the skin. It gives a dewy finish, which I powder down on my T zone and this is the only foundation to not collect around my nose. For that alone, this is a game changer for me. I am enjoying wearing this so much. 
Since returning from holiday, with a bit of a tan on my face, I have been wearing only concealer to give my skin a foundation holiday but as the tan fades, I've started wearing the Serum foundation very lightly to even out my complexion.

I expect I will move to the Coverage foundation when winter comes but for the here and now, I heart the Serum Foundation.

You can order online but be prepared to wait or if you are in London, pop along to Spitalfields and the Deciem shop as they have stock and you'll be able to get the right shade.

Both foundations also offer SPF 15 and are alcohol, oil, nut, vegan, soy, gluten, silicone and cruelty free.  Here's a really helpful shade guide.



Saturday, 1 July 2017

Rimmel getting you Picture Perfect Ready

I've always loved Rimmel - affordable and always on trend with products that work. I was chuffed to receive a bumper package of goodies* recently from Rimmel, all with the aim of getting you "selfie ready".

Now "selfies" - a necessary evil? Everyone is taking them now and it seems us Brits are shedding our usual embarrassment and cringing at taking photos of ourselves and it's now totally normal to see people of all ages pouting at their phone screen. I still feel particularly uncomfortable and you won't see many selfies from me (unless the light is really good and blurring!).

But who doesn't want to have a flawless, shine free, contoured face in real life and not just from a selfie filter? Here are the latest goodies from Rimmel:

Insta Fix & Matte face powder
This micro fine translucent powder will suit any skin tone and ensures your make up is set and stays shine free. Shame this powder compact doesn't come with a lid mirror and powder puff but that aside, this is a great setting powder.
Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte
Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte
Insta Conceal & Contour palettes, Insta Conceal & Correct palette
Three shades (light, medium and dark) are these cream Conceal and Contour palettes in a perfect handbag size with a handy little mirror. You get a cream highlight, concealer and contour so this is a great travel essential and would be your face base on holiday when you don't want or need to wear heavy foundation.
The colouring correct palette is another handy addition to your make up bag. There are three cream colours - peach for dark circles, green for redness, lavender for dull and sallow skin.
Rimmel Insta Conceal & Contour palettes, Insta Conceal & Correct palette
Rimmel Insta Conceal & Contour palettes, Insta Conceal & Correct palette
Insta Duo Contour Sticks
Another innovative handbag must have are the Duo Contour sticks. Prior to trying these sticks, I was petrified of contouring and thought it was only for Make Up Artists and 20 somethings. But these are foolproof and if I can use them - anyone can!
One end is a darker contour shade, which I apply to just below my cheek bone and then blend out. It leaves more of a bronzer type effect rather than an obvious contour line but I like it. The other end is a highlighter (both of these are creams) and this gives a subtle but noticeable glow to the high points of your cheeks.
I didn't think these sticks were for me but I was wrong.  Shades again are in light, medium and dark. (I use medium).
Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick
Insta Fix & Go spray
A dual purpose spray which can be used as either or both a primer and setting spray. If you need your make up to stay looking great all day, spray this after your moisturiser and before make up and then right at the end on to your fully made up face.
Rimmel Insta Fix & Go spray
Rimmel Insta Fix & Go spray
All of the #Insta range is now available in Boots and Superdrug. Don't be scared of the selfie, put your best face on and take it!



Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June (Holiday) 2017 Favourites

June Holiday Favourties
June Holiday Favourties
I'm back. My holiday is over. Ten days away in June and what with the many days before of packing prep and a last minute (and fruitless) search for espadrilles, it only feels right that this month my favourites are what really worked for me when I was away in Greece.

Make Up - L'Oreal Gold Obsession in Nude Gold (£6.99)
This has to be the perfect holiday lipstick shade. Firstly it's easy to apply and glides on without drying out lips or leaving those annoying dry bits. The shade is a mid nude with a subtle gold shimmer which catches the light in a really alluring way. For evenings on holiday when no one wants to be wearing loads of make up - a swipe of this lipstick and a coat of mascara is all you need. And maybe just a smidge of highlighter..

Skincare - Asda Protect Clear Sun Spray (2 for £6.00)
Every holiday I have ever been on, I've gone for the big brand sun creams - Nivea, Ambre Solaire, Piz Buin etc. And aren't they expensive? A friend of mine was telling me how she now uses Asda's own sun care range, after it had come out above all the big brands in a Which survey. And when I looked at the shelves, I could see that while Asda's range had a 5 star rating for UVA protection, the other big brands were falling behind with 3 or 4 star ratings, but at three times the price.
I picked up two 200ml clear sun spray bottles for £6. That's for two! And I have to say I am really impressed. Recently I went to Majorca and was using a much more expensive sun cream and I burnt a little, had dry patches and pigmentation and it was so thick and was hard to remove even after showering. However, this Asda spray is light, clear and smells lovely and fresh.  I gained an even tan, with no redness or burning or weird pigmentation.
This spray can just be sprayed on with no need to rub in, so really great if you don't have help with applying to your back.
New Greek discoveries for me - Feta, Tzatziki, Moussaka. I loved them all and have been adding Feta to all my salads and will be trying my hand at making home made Tzatziki because as my brother in law advised - shop bought is not the same at all.

Misc - Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray
After being practically eaten alive by mosquitoes during my last holiday to a Greek Island (and still baring the bite scars), I was determined to find an effective repellent. After much internet searching I found a lot of great reviews for this oldie but goodie dry oil spray which has been used as a mosquito repellent for years. And it doesn't have that horrible cloying chemical smell you get with most repellents.
So did it work? Well I did get 2 bites, just before the end of the holiday but unlike before they have not turned in to anything really big and have not been itchy, so I would recommend this. 
Fashion (sort of) - Short pyjamas (Matalan £5.00 per piece, sold separately)
I've tried short pjs before and just found the shorts too short. I don't want a "cheeky short" thanks, I just want to be cool but decent. These aren't a set but are kind of the same colour so go well together. The material is super soft and the shorts are decent - they don't ride up and become G-shorts in the night!

If you've got your holiday coming up - have a great one.


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