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Welcome to That Age Style.

I'm Julie, the wrong side of 30 (mid 40s!) and mum to a late teen daughter.  I live in the south west of England and have a house rabbit called Jeff.  I work full time but in my spare time I love to read blogs and watch You Tube make-up tutorials, monthly favourites and hauls.

This is a personal blog about the things that I'm loving and think you might like as well.  I write honest, down to earth reviews so you can make an informed decision on whether to purchase or not.  My main content is about all things beauty but being a keen wearer of clothes, I also throw in the odd fashion post now and then.  I like to try out a variety of products, from anti-ageing skincare to what fashion is 'New In' in the High Street. 

I post 2-3 times a week and welcome any comments on my posts or things you might like me to blog about.

Thank you for visiting.  And remember life does begin at 40, just make sure you have your game face on!  

You can contact me at thatagestyle@gmail.com

Julie Jenkins

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  1. Life sure does begin at, its not all downhill. I wanted to stop by and say hi from another 40 something blogger (ahem, cough, 47 to be exact) although in my head I'm still 21, younger than my son, funny that!!!!!!! Glad to heave found you and now a stalker on all social media!!!!!


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