Sunday, 1 December 2019

Leather trousers (faux and real) to replace the LBD for party season

I'm not going to any Christmas parties this year, and honestly I'm not upset about it but if I were.. I'd definitely be wearing some faux leather trousers.  As is currently all the rage.  These smarter than jeans, grown up chic, cool trousers look as good with heels as they do dressed down with trainers and a big baggy jumper.

There are a 101 varieties out in the shops at the mo and I'm preferring the looser fit ones.  Think a paperbag/tracksuit bottom style, worn with a fitted silk(y) shirt or sparkly thin knit jumper and you will look effortlessly on trend (but comfy as).

Back in the day, when I was 18 and had moved to London for a stint, I got myself a Miss Selfridge store card.  It was my down falling.  But let me say that when I fell down, I did it in a pair of real leather trousers!  Those beauties were my everything for nights out.  Cost per wear was in the minus figures, I literally lived in them.  So I would also recommend a real leather pair if you find the right fit for you, because they are a timeless investment.

Here are my high street picks of the faux leather trews out there at the moment.  (Word of advice - you will need to try on a lot to get the right length, fit and feel but time well spent I reckon when you find "the one").

From ASOS:
Object leather straight trousers £180.
ASOS Design tapered leather look trousers £30.
ASOS Design leather look twist waist trousers £35.

From Zara:
 Faux leather slouchy trousers £25.99.
Faux leather trousers with belt £29.99.

 Brown texture high waist trousers £35.99.
Leather crop trousers £139.99.

Marks and Spencer (these are my favourites):
Leather cropped trousers £199.

Leather straight leg trousers £195.

John Lewis:
Mint Velvet faux leather joggers £69.

Another advantage to the leather look trouser - they're wipe clean!


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