Sunday, 8 December 2019

15 Things they really should teach you at school

I was on a recent spa break with a friend (we had a lovely time and lots of laughter but I would not recommend The Celtic Manor Spa in Wales!) and we were chatting about those annoying things that you have to deal with in life as an adult but that no one ever told you about!  So instead of teaching kids algebra and how to dissect a rat.. why not teach:

1. The house buying and selling process.  What stamp duty and land searches are and how to fill in all the various forms.  And how to make an offer.

2. How to make conversation in social situations.

3. How and why to save money.

4. That you have to remove hair from plug holes.  And how to not puke up when you're doing it.

5. About the menopause as well as about periods.

6. What the hell GAP insurance is.

7. How to bleed a radiator.  

8. How to get your boiler restarted.  

9. How to clean out hair bands and bobby pins stuck in a washing machine filter (and how to get to the filter).

10. How to decorate.  Properly.  What different brushes you'll need and why there are different grades of sandpaper.

11. Basic car maintenance, including how to change the clock.

12. How to use a drill.

13. How to know when you need new tyres and where you're meant to put the 20p to measure the thread depth.

14.  How to make a lasagne, roast and a victoria sponge.  Because no one has ever made nor wanted to eat a fruit cobbler.

15.  Make up application lessons.  Because we can all learn this. Although to be fair the young girls now seem to have this sorted!



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