Sunday, 17 November 2019

4 Winter Survival picks - fashion and beauty

I do love winter.  A time to wrap up in lots of layers, thick jumpers, turn on the heating, shut out the world and light all the candles.  There's always lots of good TV on come winter and as well as the early dark nights, icy temperatures and almost constant rain, it's a great excuse to stay indoors - warm and dry.

But as much as I'd love to hibernate for 4 months, life means I have to venture out, to work and of course try and get some daylight!  There are 4 things that are going to help me survive the winter, by keeping cozy warm and adding some glow to my winter lack lustre skin.
Dr Renaud Rose Plumping Volumising Cream (gifted) 
For those of us that need a richer moisturiser in winter, that is targeted towards mature skin and helps to restore volume, this rose scented cream is lovely.  Although it is a rich cream, it sinks in quickly and leaves no stickiness.  I've been applying this twice daily for a few weeks now and it really has left my skin feeling so much softer and less textured than before.  The rose scent is present but it's not overpowering and I find quite pleasant.  Available here.
Marks and Spencer Rosie for Autograph Radiance Highlighter £8.75
I've been adding a few drops of this liquid highlighter from the Rosie for Autograph range to my foundation.  I like to do this to add a subtle glow as I've found the Beauty Pie foundation I've started using is not as luminous as my Fenty foundation of choice.  And not wanting to waste the Beauty Pie foundation, I've been adding a few drops of this highlighter on to a brush with the foundation.  They mix together and then give the foundation a bit more depth, and not so flat.  And of course you can dot and blend a few drops on to the top of cheekbones.
ASOS Design (wide fit) August Biker Boots £28.00
I hadn't thought I would need new boots this year.  Last year I bought some flat black multi buckled boots from Raid (ASOS).  Wore them probably 5 times.  Went to put them on recently and there was a split right across both soles.  So bad was the split (and I have no idea how this occurred) a shoe mender said they were not repairable.
Hence these new boots.  Now granted, I would have liked to have gone for some leather boots.  Ones which will not split after 5 wears and would last me many, many years.  But as I'm madly saving up for an upcoming holiday, I just couldn't afford that sort of spend.  These biker boots from ASOS are not leather but were only £28.00.  They're wide fit so really comfortable and look good with skinny jeans.  I haven't tried yet but think with a certain style of midi dress/skirt, would also look good.
Tesco F&F Thermal Cami £7.00
If you feel the cold or work in a chilly office/working environment (and I'm not just talking about the atmosphere!), you'll probably already be used to the life changing magic of a thermal vest.  Wearing a thermal vest is like having someone wrap their warm arms around you all day (but in a non irritating way).  A thin layer that locks in your own body heat, a vest will keep you snug and warm and is a life saving barrier from itchy jumpers.
I've recently come across this pretty thermal camisole vest from Tesco.  The material is so soft to the touch.  The lace around the V neck line and shoulders also looks nice peeping out from underneath a jumper or cardigan.  The hemline also has the same lace trim all around, so you could wear it untucked.

So those are my 4 winter survival picks to see you through the worst that this time of year can through at us.  Bring it on.



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