Tuesday, 22 October 2019

What's up with you?!

Is it just me who gets immediately wound up when asked this question?  Because invariably when someone asks you this, you're actually having an OK day and ticking along right as rain.  I then get anxious that I'm inadvertently showing my resting bitch face or giving the side eye without realising?  Rarely do people ask you what's up when you need them to ask you.

So what's been up with me?  Why have I lost the love for what once gave me such joy - my little blog.  Well I got fed up.  I got overwhelmed.  With the blog, I don't have anyone who can take my outfit photos, I have to mirror selfie which just isn't the same.  I also work full time and just can't give the time and effort to daily Instagram posts.  I felt I just wasn't and couldn't keep up with everyone else.  But I think the biggest thing was that I haven't been buying many things.  We've all become very aware of what a wasteful culture we're living in/fast and cheap fashion and how these uninspiring pieces are clogging up land fill.  The excitement of being able to buy really affordable active skincare from the likes of The Ordinary and Inky List, and layer multiple products on to my skin, eventually meant it gave up and protested with 10 months of Perioral Dermatitis.  I had to really pare back on my skincare and go back to basics.  So I wasn't buying or trying new products.  The same for fashion.  I want to only spend my money on things that "spark joy" and will last a long time.  I want to make more conscious purchases.  Which is all well and good but means I haven't got many new things to tell you about.

I've even had a social media black out where I deleted all those apps from my phone.  And it's been good.  I've started to read books, even listen to podcasts.  And let me tell you not having Instagram to scroll through has meant that I haven't been tempted to buy things (that I really don't need).

But all this has meant I'm missing the only creative outlet in my life that I enjoy (although working full time in HR you have to be creative sometimes!).  And to sometimes hear that people who have read some of my posts are still enjoying the things I've recommended, makes me happy.  Thank you to those people.

So I've decided to relaunch and rejuvenate That Age Style and it's going to have more personal posts, ramblings, observations and hopefully generally things that will make me and you happy to read about.  I hope you will join me.

A wise person recently told me that you should do anything and everything that makes you happy.  And it's so true.  (Or just give it a go to see if it makes you happy).  


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