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Travel review - Valldemossa, Mallorca

The nights are getting darker very quickly at the moment and probably the main thing on most of our minds is impending Christmas.  But once that is done and dusted, and we've then endured many months of darkness, greyness, coldness and wetness.. thoughts will turn to where to holiday next year.

I've got a suggestion for you, and to be honest I really wanted to keep this to myself because this is a total gem but I like you and this is a total recommendation that I have to share with you!  Valldemossa is a traditional Spanish town in the Tramuntana Mountains on the island of Mallorca.  A 20 minute taxi ride from Palma airport, the drive up in to the mountains are breath taking and you start to get tantalising glimpses of the pretty town which is located on the hillside.  The above picture was taken on our arrival and I promise the sun came out shortly after.

If you love authentic, traditional Spanish culture, you will not be disappointed with Valldemossa.  We were there for a week at the end of July and were lucky to experience the Festes de la Beata, a festival to honour the Saint Catalina Thomas.  On the evening of the festival lots of the young children dressed in traditional outfits and the highlight of the evening was when the children rode through the cobbled streets on horse drawn carriages, decorated with flowers.  I'm not sure why but the children had buckets of small sweets which they threw out to spectators.  My little nephew loved that.

What struck me about Valldemossa is not just the architectural beauty of the buildings and the obvious love and care that residents take over their town (on nearly every street corner are rolls of free dog poo bags and bins) but there is absolutely no rubbish at all.  This has to be one of the cleanest places I've ever been to.
The streets were decorated with streamer bunting for the festival and even that didn't make the place look tacky!

Our family group stayed in a large Air B&B villa, which was really nice with a great pool and in a quiet area but only a short walk into the quiet town.

Even though Valldemossa is a traditional rural town in the mountains, so not what I would call an obvious tourist spot, on some afternoons we did see quite a few visitors who were obviously on a sight seeing tour of the area in the Tramuntana mountains but there wasn't hoards of them.  

And the choice of restaurants is really good.  For a small town, there are a surprising number of really nice places to eat - we had some great food.  Oh and if you do visit, you must try a Coca de Patata - a sweet cake made of boiled potatoes. Doesn't make sense does it.  But trust me, try one.  With a coffee is best apparently.  Or a full fat coke if you're me!

Valldemossa is quite high up in the mountains so a trip to the beach will take nerves of steel for whoever is driving the hire care (numerous hair pin bends) or if you do as we did, and take the air conditioned bus to Port de Soller (a beautiful beach which you can happily spend all day on), sit at the front of the bus.  Or make sure you take a sandcastle bucket that you're not planning on keeping!
Half of our party very bravely went for a half day hike up the mountains and their pictures were stunning.  Although even though I quite like a hike, this sounded too tough for me, and it was high up and I do not do heights.  But there are lots of hike trails from the town so I'm sure there would be a hike for all abilities.
I would happily go back to this beautiful little town again and really hope to next year, either for a longer 10 days or as Palma airport is only a 2ish hour flight from London, a weekend jaunt is completely do-able.  



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