Saturday, 20 July 2019

Beauty Pie - is it worth tasting the pie?

You've probably seen the Facebook and Instagram adverts for Beauty Pie - a beauty lovers members club. And if, like me, you were intrigued but wondered if it was a rip off or didn't understand how it works.. I've gone in, I've joined and I'm going to give you the low down.

So Beauty Pie was set up by the same woman who founded Bliss, Flit Flop, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper to really kick the luxury snobbish beauty industry in to touch. The premise? Beauty Pie products are made in the same factories as all your high end brands, using the same premium ingredients but without the high price point. But how is this possible?

Now firstly you can try out any Beauty Pie product without becoming a member. But you will pay the full (non member) price. And the member's price is such a big discount that why would you want to do that.

There are 3 levels of membership, and depending on which level you go for and pay for each month, will then give you an amount that you can buy up to. This is the typical price - the price you would pay if you weren't a member. But of course being a member means you pay the members price, which is a vastly reduced amount. The 3 levels of membership are £10 a month, £15 a month or £20 a month. So for:

£10.00 a month - you get £100 worth of typical price spend allowance
£15.00 a month - £150 worth of typical price spend allowance
£20.00 a month - £200 worth of typical price spend allowance

You pay the membership fee every month, whether you make an order or not. Think of it like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Your membership comes out of your account every month whether you watch any boxsets of not. You only need join up for 3 months, so if after 3 months you want to cancel, you can.

I've got the £10 a month membership (although I will be upgrading to £15 a month as there are so many things I want to try!).

I've detailed below what my first 2 orders have been and what they cost me, which will hopefully make more sense.

Order 1
I paid £10 initial membership (there was an offer on when I joined and I got an increased first month allowance of £150)
Ordered: One Powder wonder (typical price £26.00, paid £5.28), Uber volume boost mascara (typical price £20.00, paid £3.36), Future lipstick matte (typical price £20.00, paid £3.62)

So out of my £150 member access, I used up £66. But I only paid £10 membership + £12.26 = £22.26 (for £66 worth of product).

And because I hadn't used up all of my monthly allowance, it carries over to the next month meaning I had an increased allowance of £184.

Order 2
I paid £10 membership
Ordered: Jeju daily rehydration mist (typical price £30.00, paid £9.58), Petals, heliotrope & ambrette eau de parfum (typical price £125.00, paid £16.45), Sheer tinted oil-free SPF20 (typical price £28.00, paid £5.63)

So out of my increased £184 member access allowance, I used up £183. I paid £10 membership + £35.02 = £45.02 (for £183 worth of product). I wouldn't normally plan on spending this much but I wanted to order a perfume and so had saved some of my allowance to carry over from the previous month.

Do I think it's worth joining?  YES, I do. If you love your beauty - skincare, makeup and haircare (they've just started doing haircare), and you like to try new things and love yourself high end products but don't want to pay the usual extortionate price, Beauty Pie is for you.

A quick run down and review of everything I've ordered so far:
One Powder Wonder - this powder was the whole reason I joined Beauty Pie, as very highly recommended by Nadine Baggot. It's a translucent, suits all, very finely milled powder that takes away shine, helps blend make up, blurs, hides pores - it basically perfects your skin, in a light, non cakey way. This powder is better than my previous holy grail Mac skin mineralize!
Uber volume boost mascara - this mascara is lovely, it does give volume and length. It's a fairly wet mascara, which I think I am the only person not to favour, because of my rubbish application skills. So I have to be really careful or just use a cotton bud to wipe away any smears from my lash line.
Future lipstick matte - the staying power, application and feel of this lipstick is really nice. This particular shade (hearthrob pink) is just a touch too dark for my skin tone for daywear but evenings, yes. And I will be trying other shades.
Jeju daily rehydration mist - an antioxidant, soothing and hydrating toner with hyaluronic acid which you mist on to your face after cleansing and before moisturiser, or at anytime during the day. This smells fresh and is so refreshing. If you're struggling in the heat, this is lovely. I really can see a positive difference in my skin after only a few days of using this.
Super healthy skin sheer tinted oil-free SPF20 - a tinted SPF that you use on top of your moisturiser, it gives you SPF protection, whilst a good sheer tint that creates a blurred soft focus finish. I can happily wear this and just a touch of concealer.
Eau de parfum - you just have to smell this, it is devine. I'm not a perfume person, I can take them or leave them, preferring body sprays and light scents but this smells of a very high end, expensive, designer perfume. It's slightly sweet, slightly musky, floral bottle of bliss. Delicious.

There are so many items I've already added to my wishlist - the skincare looks amazing, my next order will include the new shampoo and conditioner and there's a new blush/highlighter palette that is the spit of the much lusted after Hourglass palette..

I hope this helps explain a bit more about Beauty Pie and how it works and that it is definitely worth trying a slice. Or three.



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