Saturday, 17 November 2018

Fenty in your Forties?

You may remember this time last year when Rihanna launched her beauty range, Fenty Beauty. Only available in Harvey Nichols in the UK, this was a range that I was intrigued by but not living in the capital, wouldn't be able to see for myself for a while. 
I did go along to the Fenty counter in Bristol's Cabot Circus and got colour matched for the foundation in the summer but I just wasn't ready to commit at the time. And to be honest whilst I love a highlighter, for me and I think a lot of us that initial craze has died down. So when I saw how completely ridiculous the Fenty Killawatt highlighter was, I thought  that the range was just too young for me.
But never having been one to obey ageist beauty (or fashion) rules, I decided to use some birthday money to treat myself to the Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (£26.00) 
I have always tended to spend more on foundation, especially in the winter months when I want more coverage. And when spending more than £10 I am also expecting a bit of service from the person working on the counter. I am paying for them to exactly colour match me. This hasn't always been the case but the woman working on the Fenty counter was so helpful and not at all pushy. She swatched 4 different shades on to my cheek and then made me take a mirror outside the store so I could see which shade I liked in the daylight. We both agreed on the same shade and she then took off my existing foundation and applied my choosen Fenty shade all over my face. And again made me take the mirror outside to see for myself the coverage and look in daylight.

A bit like when a hairdresser blow dries your hair and you can never do it the same way yourself at home, the foundation had been applied so well that my skin was like I had never seen before. My daughter who was with me, kept staring at me and saying "I can't stop looking at your skin".
And that's the thing that surprised me, this foundation wasn't made to create a flawless, unrealistic mask over your skin, it's been made to show off your skin in the absolute best light. 

The formula of the foundation doesn't feel at all heavy and blends well. I've gone back to using a beauty sponge to apply, which I think gives a better finish than a brush.
And although the formula is not heavy, you really don't need to apply concealer after using this foundation because it does such a good job at covering redness. Another bonus is this does not collect around the corners of my nose.
You can obviously build this up if you do want a heavier coverage but honestly, you won't need or want to because you'll be happy with the look from one layer. Let those freckles/age spots through!
I didn't need a new bronzer but as I was on a high having had someone who works on a beauty concession actually spend time with me, that I also bought a Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Truffle (£21.00)
And this is one of those things that you buy on a whim, kind of knowing it'll be a waste of money but then actually end up loving it, using it everyday and in more ways than you originally thought!

This is a cream stick which comes in a variety of different shades and they have been made to conceal, correct and contour. They are multi purpose and the shade I got "Truffle" has to be one of the best. This (initially slightly scary looking) dark brown shade can be used as a contour, bronzer and an eye shadow. As shown by the helpful Fenty girl, I apply the stick to the back of my hand (several swipes) and then take this off my hand with a brush, I then apply as I would a bronzer. I have also been using this more over my cheeks instead of blusher.
I've been searching for a proper mud brown eye shadow for a while and Truffle is exactly what I've been looking for. As it's a cream, I apply with my finger and blend out. One swipe is perfect for the day but you could go much heavier for an out out smokey eye.

Foundation swatch in shade 240 and Truffle match stix:
I am so impressed with these two key staple products from the Fenty Beauty range. They both flatter and enhance and do bring out your natural beauty. 
So whilst me and Rihanna may have nearly 20 years age difference between us, she has made a range for everyone, that is ageless and inclusive, and much more importantly for all skin tones.



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