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Current Beauty Faves - September 2018

So firstly Hi everyone, I hope you're all well?  Secondly, an apology. I've been neglecting you and the blog. No exciting excuses, I just haven't really been feeling it. I've been in a rut product wise and (until recently) haven't even wanted to try anything new. But after recently having to buy new beauty products because I had run out... the spark came back. And with the onslaught of Autumn, cozy rainy days indoors, I'm feeling inspired to get back on it.
Mascara - L'Oreal Unlimited £10.99
Two things drew me to this new mascara launch from L'Oreal. The first that Nadine Baggott said it was the best mascara she had ever tried (huge claim) and the wonky gimmicky wand. I am a marketer's dream, I love a gimmick. But despite these hooks, I didn't have any expectations.

Nadine was right. This is the best mascara I have ever used... for one major thing. It doesn't smudge on to my lids. All mascaras I have used, good ones, bad ones and however careful I am at applying have always left a smudge on my eye lids. Which means then having to use a wet cotton bud to clean up. And I am trying hard not to use cotton buds. Because of the sea, plastics, image of the Sea Horse carrying an ear bud...

But no worries with the L'Oreal Unlimited as it just doesn't smudge. The formula on first use is not too wet and I would say it's main strength is to lengthen lashes.

The wand is gimmicky and it doesn't need to bend. Interestingly they've made it bend so you can apply right on to corner lashes and outers but you don't need to bend it, as even using the wand straight because of the magic formula/consistency, it applies on to the shortest of lashes. Without smudging!
I absolutely love this.
Night Cream - My Skin Matters Anti-Age Night Repair Cream £4.00
At long last I managed to use up all my night creams, even the travel sizes. But as it was a while till payday, I didn't want to spend a lot so picked up this simply packaged My Skin Matters (from Sainsbury's).
This night cream has pro collagen and pro elastin ingredients to help with fine line and wrinkles and to support the elasticity of the skin, so has everything much more expensive creams would have. I have to say I'm not keen on the consistency of the cream in the jar. It's like putting your fingers in to a panna cotta (I imagine). But once I've put the thick cream on to my cleansed face, it feels nice. I can still feel the cream on my skin a couple of hours later but for a night cream I like that, I'm happy for it to sit on my skin overnight.

Eye Make Up Remover - Simple Duel Effect £2.39
I had never before used a specific eye make up remover. I swear by Clinique Take the Day off balm which does remove all traces of eye make up like nothing else. However (and this might gross you out), I then noticed that with the massaging in of the balm I was getting a lot of gunk in my eyes, which I was then poking about trying to get out. I decided to try this bi-phase eye make up remover as it's effective and I thought would be a gentler way to remove mascara. And it does. No more gunk filled eyes. And because the bi-phase has an oil (you need to shake before use) my under eyes are not as dried out as before.
Primer - Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer £15.00
Instagram made me buy it! If I ever see anything that promises to eliminate a shiny t-zone and minimise pores, I will buy it.
This is a nice primer and leaves skin feeling really smooth. The texture is like other silicone primers, so goes on easily and dries quickly. I only use this on my t-zone area, no where else. It's just ok. I've tried so many mattifying promising primers now and for me, none of them really work, as in all day mattification, which is what I want.
Body Mist - & Other Stories Nomad's Poem Body Mist £5.00
As most expensive perfumes irritate my skin, I opt for lighter body sprays and mists. Although this is a small bottle, the scent is glorious. No idea what's in it but it's a light, fresh, hint of musk/masculine, spiciness! I'll definitely get the larger size next time and try out more of the scents in And Other Stories - where I would also recommend you check out their beauty range. It's well priced, nicely packaged and good quality. Random, but I have an eyebrow spoolie brush from there which I've had for years, it's so well made and washes up a treat.

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