Sunday, 12 August 2018

Brand in Focus - Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals is a London based vegan skincare brand. They care about all things natural as well as creating a skincare range that actually works. Made from pure natural ingredients, paraben free and with no harmful preservatives. If you are looking for skincare that will be gentle to your skin and gentle to the environment, you might want to give Dr Botanicals a go.

I was kindly sent three products to try out, which I've been using for a good few months now. The first is the Botanicals Cleanse & Tone.
This creamy rich lotion is both a cleanser and toner in one. I've been using this as either my evening cleanser (just using a separate eye make up remover) or massaging in to wake up my puffy sleep filled morning face. The cream has a gentle, fresh scent. Containing elderflower to nourish, witch hazel to brighten and balance and eucalyptus oil to remove impurities and dirt, it's a lovely combination in a creamy texture that leaves my skin so soft.

The next step is the Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum. Sometimes I wonder what a serum step actually does but I am now so conditioned to do that step that I feel odd when I skip it, like if I've ever forgotten to put body lotion on after a shower. 
This orange scented lightweight serum is neither sticky or tacky and sinks in quickly, so doesn't actually feel like another layer of skincare.
The seabuckthorn fruit oil helps with skin elasticity, hydration and to calm inflamed or irritated skin. A great serum for sensitive skin. Neroil oil reduces uneven skin tone and blemishes and rose otto oil helps to reduce signs of aging. And although you'd be right to think "that's a lot of oils in a serum" the texture is not at all oily.
The stand out product from this great trio is Turmeric Antioxidant Overnight Treatment Mask.
This deeply moisturising shea butter overnight mask is a great one for when your skin is feeling parched, dull and a bit unloved. I was using this twice a week after recent holidays to help rebalance my sun exposed face. I can't figure out what natural ingredient in this mask makes it smell so refreshing and comforting but it does. The mask is a thick cream texture yet doesn't feel heavy on, it's just like a thick night cream. You can either apply and use as an overnight mask, washing off in the morning or as a quick 10 minute boost mask.
My skin after using the overnight mask appears plumped, clearer and generally just looking very fresh and rested. Which is what I'm always looking for!



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