Thursday, 23 August 2018

21 Things I Love About You (an open letter to my daughter)

For the past two years I've published a personal post about my relationship with my only daughter on her birthday. And so on this day, which marks her 21st birthday, I wanted to use my blog to tell you, my darling daughter (and anyone who wants to read this) 21 reasons why I love you and why you have grown in to the person I always hoped you would. 

Anyone who knows me personally will know I am not great at declarations of love, I detest PDAs and I roll my eyes at shows of emotion, so forgive me this indulgence to shout from the roof tops that you.. Kyra Hope.. are the love of my life. I love you unconditionally, without hesitation and would do anything for you. When I get cross and we argue, it's only because I want to save you the pain and heartache of a wrong decision, or days of stress and sleepless nights over someone or some situation that isn't worth it. You are doing so well at adulting, be proud of yourself because I certainly am. xx

1. Your hugs. You're a great hugger and know just when to give them. You don't care where or when you give them. You are a proud hugger. Always be a proud hugger. 
2. Your words. The rest of the family joke that you should work for Hallmark. Your declarations of love to your family in cards and posts are heart felt and appreciated. Especially in a family that shy away from "that sort of thing".
3. Your dance moves. You've always been a naturally good dancer, seeing and picking up dances quicker than I can recall someone's name! I love that we still do mad 5 minute dances in the kitchen.
4. Your eyebrows. Goals right there.
5. Your caring nature. Even having a full time job, you've always found the time to visit your grandparents, especially when they were unwell. And more recently, taking your Nana out to the shops and wheeling her around in a borrowed wheelchair. You'll never know how proud that made me to hear that and how happy you made your little Nana.
6. Your fierce loyalty. To your friends and family. 
7. Your company. Apart from when I'm hangry and get all snappy, we have the best days out and holidays together. 
8. Your present buying. I've said it before, you should be a Buyer. Your skill in remembering things people have mentioned or their interests and then finding the best presents should be marketed!
9. Your organisational skills. I thought I would never meet anyone as organised as me but then you grew up, discovered note books, wallet folders and Excel and put me to shame.
10. Your hat wearing. You get it from your Auntie Ang, you can wear any hat of shape or design with style. I love making you try on all the hats wherever we are.
11. Your sense of direction. You certainly didn't inherit this from me. You have got me and the family out of lost and tricky situations many times with your inbuilt navigation skills. Thank you.
12. Your ability to laugh at yourself. This is just a measure of the type of person you are. You don't care what you might look like, if you can make people laugh with your ridiculous antics, you will.
13. Your confidence. Not showy or in your face, your confidence comes from a mature, thoughtful, thought through place.
14. Your vulnerability. It's taken me many years to realise that sometimes your initial confidence is masking the little girl who just needs a cuddle from her Mum, and to be told she is right, people are mean and it's all going to be ok. I'm sorry that I sometimes can't see through your sass to your vulnerability.
15. Your confidence in me. I love that you think I'm the font of all knowledge and will be your first port of call. And for the most part, with the help of Google and Youtube, we get there don't we.
16. Your selflessness. You will do anything for anyone, without hesitation. Don't change that, even when people don't appear to appreciate it.
17. Your openness. I am so lucky that our relationship has always been one of total openness. You've always told me everything, granted sometimes inside I am crying and trying to keep myself together and not show it, and sometimes there's been things I haven't wanted to hear but don't ever stop, I can take it.
18. Your determination. I have never come across anyone else with the single minded focused determination that you have. You've proved me wrong with jobs I thought you weren't ready for yet, a house I didn't think you could buy and leaving home. Good for you, I'm proud of you.
19. Your work ethic. Anyone who can work the Christmas shifts at Pandora with angry people queuing round the block for sold out charms.. gets my vote. You never let that pressurised time or the people break you and this has given you the work ethic that has meant you're now in a job that you enjoy and you're going places.
20. Your strength. I'm talking about your emotional strength. For your 21 years you have already, sadly, had so much to contend with, get through and deal with situations that no 21 year old should have to deal with. But you have. And it will shape you and continue to make you the wonderful, caring person you are. And you will learn from other people's behaviour, trust me.
21. Your beauty. I feel so proud when people see a photo of you for the first time or meet you and tell me how beautiful you are. You are of course but not just in looks, you have a beautiful soul and heart. You have never realised how beautiful you are but, trust me, you really are. 

Happy birthday my beautiful girl. 



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