Monday, 2 July 2018

Sexily Practical Lingerie from Playtex

I am not one for frilly or fussy underwear. I want my underwear to be comfortable, supportive and well made. In that order. I'm not one for colourful undies either - black, nude or white are the way to go, for me. 

And if you're anything like me (or maybe it's just me?), when I find underwear that is comfortable, I buy a few and then I just stick with those until I HAVE to buy new underwear.

And here's another confession - I like big pants, especially if they are non VPL (visible panty line). Big pants not only keep your derriere warm and covered, they are so much more comfortable to wear and a big pant is the perfect underwear when worn with trousers. Big pants can also help to give a flatter silhouette, especially over the tummy area. But I have found that some big pants can be ugly pants. Mostly made in cotton with a thick seam that just advertises "I'm wearing my Bridget Jones'"!
So when Playtex kindly contacted me to see if I'd like to try a lingerie set, I opted for my favoured black, big pants but with a sexy bra.

The set I was sent is the Playtex Perfect Silhouette bra and the Perfect Silhouette Shaping Maxi brief.  
The Shaping Maxi briefs are made from an innovative soft stretch microfibre and the feel is like a soft satin. The briefs also have an integrated tummy support which helps to flatten. I love these pants. Not only do they cover everything I want covered, they do help to flatten my tummy area giving a much slimmer silhouette when I've worn these with either trousers or a fitted skirt. The satin texture feels great to wear and unlike other "tummy control" pants I've tried, these are really comfortable and you can still breath! No VPL either.

The Perfect Silhouette bra is also made in the same fabric and is underwired and just as comfortable as the briefs. The bra, whilst being in a practical black, has a half cup of tulle that really gives it a sexy feel and look. 
The straps, once adjusted to your size, stay in place. No annoying slipping off the shoulders and the simple clasp at the back is not too wide, so you can wear fairly low cut back tops.
This bra fits really well and, as the name suggests, gives a really nice silhouette to any outfit. The smooth satin fabric means you can wear as you would a t-shirt bra with no weird outlines from lace or frills.

This set is just what I look for in lingerie and the Perfect Silhouette set is what I would call sexily practical.

The Perfect Silhouette set is available from and 



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