Sunday, 22 July 2018

Make Up to survive the Heatwave

In the UK we're not used to a decent Summer but this year, after a very long winter, we've been treated to some proper decent hot weather. Spirits are lifted, summer wardrobes are open and no one's getting much sleep! And if the weather forecasters are to be believed, this decent stretch of Summer looks to continue for a while yet.

The only problem for me is I'm just not used to this level of heat and humidity. It's fine on holiday when you don't need, or want to wear any make up but here at home, when you need to look half decent for a week of work, it's proving testing finding not just office appropriate work outfits but make up that doesn't slide off your face before your second morning cup of tea.

I've definitely been wearing less make up in this heat and I've been using products that aren't heavy. I'm also after products that help to control my oily t-zone and the unavoidable sweaty top lip and hair line that comes from going about your daily business (when you'd really rather be led by a pool).
Primer - Kiko City Filter Sunscreen Primer
The key to keeping your foundation/tinted moisturiser/CC cream in place is a good primer. Whilst a primer is another layer, applied after your moisturiser, it provides a base layer for your foundation to grip to, meaning it won't slide off.  Primers come in all sorts of guises, some promise to brighten or mattify, some give SPF protection.. the list goes on.
I've been using the Kiko City Filter, which I bought quite a while ago in one of their sales (so not sure if it's still available). But you can pick up similar primers and for this time of year, the key extra element for me is a SPF. This one has SPF 50, so I know I'm protecting my face fully.
Foundation - Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless (£6.99)
Although this is sold as a foundation, because of its light consistency I've been using it more as a CC cream. The lightweight base still provides coverage, so evening out my complexion yet still letting my summer freckles come through. I apply a small amount of the liquid with a beauty sponge to really sheer it out. 
I've been really impressed with this foundation, which doesn't cling or sink into pores or lines. It's just a nice light base. 
Concealer - Urban Decay Naked Skin (£19.50 for full size)
I came across a Sephora when I was in beautiful Seville recently (blog post to follow!) so had to go in and pay homage. I didn't go really mad and mostly picked up some mini products from the sale section. One of them was the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. 

I've been using the same two concealers for years and I love the combination but I've heard quite a bit about this concealer, good things, and wanted to try it for myself.
Well it doesn't disappoint at all. It covers blemishes and brightens under eyes, it's not heavy or cakey, it applies like a dream. It's really very good. 
I'm sorry to my previous dream concealer combo but now I've found one product that will do the job of two.. I will be moving on to the Naked Skin.
Blusher - Benefit Rockateur (mini version which was part of a Benefit set I bought on an Easyjet flight)
When it's hot and humid, it's no time for cream blushers which just slide off to nowhere. A powder blush is the way to go and I mean the lightest hint, because hopefully you'll have a bit of a summer tan glow anyway. 
The Benefit Rockateur would normally be too light a blusher for me, however, in summer it's the perfect shade to add some depth to my cheeks without adding any unwanted redness.

Bronzer - I use a bronzer all year round and currently I've gone back to Benefit Hola, and I've been applying it heavier than I would at other times of the year. I apply it in a reverse number three on my forehead, under my cheekbones and under my jawline, all to define these areas and add warmth. I then add a light sweep to my cheeks and eye sockets. In summer I don't think you can wear too much bronzer!
Highlighter - Benefit Watt's Up (mini from the Easyjet kit)
Slight contradiction here because this is a liquid highlighter, which generally I would avoid in the heat, again favouring a powder version. However, I've been using this creamy stick more to add a subtle glow to my high points rather than an obvious stripe of highligher. Looks nice on eyelids as well.
Eye shadow - Bobbi Brown powder in Toast (£19.00)
I do still wear eye shadows in this heat wave, but I opt for neutral colours because I'm not looking to make a statement. All I want to do is keep oily lids at bay. Toast from Bobbi Brown is the perfect natural shade for eye lids. It lifts your eyes, giving lids an even, soft focused look.
Mascara - Benefit They're Real (also part of the mini Benefit from Easyjet kit)
As the weather has hotted up here, I've found my usual mascara melting and leaving tell tale panda under eyes. I only notice this quite late on in the day unfortunately!
They're Real from Benefit is new to me and I can see why people love it. Once applied, it isn't going anywhere and I know this because removal takes twice as long as my usual mascaras. But it's worth it to know that I'm not going to get panda eyes. This mascara has a fab wand which helps to separate and lengthen at the same time.
Last bit
Facial spray - Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist (£2.99)
I've been using facial mists for a while now and I can vouch that they do not disturb your make up and they seem to refresh my complexion.

This Superdrug super affordable hydrating mist smells lovely and it's refreshing mist not only hydrates your skin but gives you a shot of vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Keep this in the fridge for an even cooler spray, and take on holidays for a much needed cooling mist when in the sun.

I hope my pick of products that are getting me through the heat wave give you some ideas. Keep cool people.



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