Sunday, 3 June 2018

Current Favourites May 2018

I haven't done a monthly favourites for, what seems like, ages. And that's because I've just been ticking along, using the same products and not trying anything new until we started to leave the depths of winter. But now that spring is definitely here and dare I say it..Summer has started to show its face now and then.. I get motivated to branch out and try new things. Most of the items here I've been using for a good 2 months, so properly tested.

Facial Gradual Tanners - Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser £31.00 50ml and Utan Nourising Night Creme £24.99 50ml
Both of these tubes are sample sizes but have lasted me ages. I've been using the Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser as my day moisturiser and then the Utan Nourising Night Creme at night, so it's difficult for me to differentiate between the two to tell you which gave me more of a gradual tan or glow. But I can say that the combination of the two lifted my winter grey tone and definitely gave me a bronzed complexion which has meant I have felt confident to either not wear any foundation (just concealer) or definitely just a light coverage. Which leads me on to..

Foundation - Maybelline Fit Me £6.99
I like a high end foundation, always have. But when I'm spending £30+ on foundation I want it to have been properly swatched on my face to make sure I'm buying the best match. The next high end foundation I want to try is Fenty Beauty but I need to travel to a store that stocks it, so until then I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me, as I've read good reviews about this (and the loose powder which isn't being stocked in the UK yet).
It was quite hard to find the right shade, and there's a lot to choose from and I found there was quite a variation between the shades. Anyway I got 220 and although this is a tad too dark for me, because it's such a lovely light consistency, I can blend it out. My freckles (I'm now calling them freckles not age spots because if I'm still shopping in Topshop, I will also have freckles!) show through when I apply a thin layer, and I'm liking that look at the moment. The foundation can easily be applied heavier for a fuller coverage if you want.
The Fit Me is poreless and matte and I would say it creates a really good poreless look and although yes it is fairly matte, not in a dry looking way at all.
I really like this. 

Deodorant - Garnier Mineral Invisible £1.65
Ok granted this is not as strong, as in works as well, as Mitchum but neither does this new  antiperspirant from Garnier irritate my arm pits. It dries quickly, smells nice and just glides on. 48 hours non stop is a stretch but a work day, yes.

Perfume - Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne £45.00 30ml
Confession - I don't really like perfume. And that's because most perfumes when sprayed near my neck or decolletage area cause a non itchy rash, almost like my skin has been mildly stung. Anyway when recently killing time at Duty Free and with Dirhams burning a hole in my pocket I decided to treat myself to a Jo Malone scent as who really am I at 47 years of age and never having had a Jo Malone product? 
After lots of sniffing, I went for the Nectarine Blossom & Honey. This is a light, fresh, floral scent which doesn't irritate me at all and the aroma continues to lift my spirits and make me smile every time I spritz.

Shoes - Grey pointed flats Topshop £20.00 (sale) and Tan flat sandals Matalan (I think they were £14, can't see them online anymore)
These flats from Topshop are as soft as they look and comfortable too. Because the point is quite long, my toes aren't squished and the grey colour goes with everything.
I love all the woven style slip on sandals around at the moment but I've had an embarrassing situation with slip on sandals (involves a big suitcase, a big slope and sweaty feet), so these seem more what I need. Ankle strap means no slip sliding about, tan "leather" goes with everything and looks great against tanned feet and the woven section is on trend. What's not to love?



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