Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What's in my suitcase for 3 days in Dubai

What's better than 3 days in Dubai than 3 days in Dubai with your best sisters and a few new wardrobe additions? As we're getting to that exciting time of the year when we all start to become obsessed with looking for new holiday bits that'll rejuvenate a tired suitcase full, I thought I'd show you some of the pieces I've recently bought.

The back story is myself and my two sisters jetted off for a long weekend to Dubai. We flew out on Thursday night (night flight with BA - awful, no sleep. I really want to rant and rave about people reclining but I might be in the minority and/or give myself another tension headache, so I'll leave it!), landed Friday morning, just in time to check in at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel (really nice-big rooms, lovely bathroom, long waits for the lifts!), shower, change and meet our friend for brunch at Ruya in the Grosvenor Hotel. I can highly, highly recommend brunch at Ruya. I've been to a Dubai brunch before and although initially you might think they are very expensive (and they can be), it's great value for money with several hours of non stop food and drink. Ruya was different in that there was no keep getting up and down from the table to peruse the food stations, at Ruya the food is brought to your table and my god was it amazing food. There was also a DJ playing and as the day went on, he was joined by a bloke with a drum and then the party really started. Great atmosphere and food.

We then had 2 days by our hotel pool and lots more lovely food before getting an early morning flight back (sat behind another recliner..) on Monday morning.

So what did I pack for 3 days in Dubai:
The tankini above is new and from M&S. What I really like about this is that the strap easily comes off so you can sunbath without fear of strap lines, and actually I prefer this as I found the strap quite tight around the back of my neck. (£28 for top and bottom).
I bought this all in one swimsuit in the Tu (Sainsbury's) sale and whilst it looks really nice, especially with the tie waist detail, the boob section is ill fitting. I think it's me because I had to get a bigger size as hate trying to get on a tight swimming costume but what that means is that the boob area is too big for me (boobs not as big as the stomach!). There is padding in the bust area but even when I took them out it just didn't look right. So I didn't take this on holiday and it will be assigned to gym swimming pool sessions. Of which there will be zero sessions.
I've worn Haviana's for years and have them in a variety of colours but I can say without doubt that these 90p, yes 90p, flip flops from Primark are the most comfortable pool side footwear you will wear. Granted they are very flip floppy (in noise) but for 90p who cares.
This Asos dress is from last year I'm afraid. What I love about this is the knotted detail on the tummy area, which is perfect for brunch time or any meal in fact. The pattern also helps to hide a few too many ice creams! 
A similar style dress is currently available on Asos for £32.00:
Although we decided against wearing them all at the same time, myself and both my sisters all bought this same dress from Zara (one of my sisters has it in white, which is just as nice). £19.99. This is a definite keeper.
I bought this black cotton dress from Asos and really couldn't decide whether I should keep it or not. In theory it is my style - loose, girly, can spin in it. So I did keep it but I didn't wear it in Dubai as I felt it would be too hot. Although it's made from cotton, it's heavy and because it's broderie anglasie, there is a black cotton slip underneath. I think if I got some really big pants, I could wear it without the slip and in some light you would be able to see through but with a tshirt bra and big pants, I think it would look quite cool. I think.
There's also a long tie at the back of the neck.
Last year H&M did these really simple cotton tunics and they were perfect for warm work days. They're doing them again this year and in more holiday vibe patterns. This year I picked one up in a larger size as I wanted this to be really loose to either wear over swimwear when I'm going for lunch and don't want to get full on changed or even with some big jewellery for a casual evening dress. £17.99. There are a few different designs and this is part of the Anna Glover x H&M collection.
From H&M I also bought, what I believe, to be the perfect cotton top. It's the sleeves. For those of us who aren't overly keen on our arms, this is the answer. There are sleeves but they're not tight. The top is so versatile as well - think a summer work wear top with cropped trousers or worn on holiday tucked in to black paper bag shorts (or denim shorts). £12.99.
tucked in..
I also bought a few new holiday accessories and you'll see those in my upcoming post "5 things to refresh your holiday wardrobe".




  1. I love the dresses and the leaf print tunic. I recently went to Abu Dhabi for the second time. Last year we spent a day in Dubai, I love it there and definitely want to go back. I'm in agreement with you on the reclining issue - I never put my seat back but some people do as soon as the plane takes off! Oh to travel business class!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks Emma.
      Would you say Abu Dhabi is similar to Dubai?
      And I’m glad it’s not just me on the recliners. Even when people do it to me I’ll only put my chair a tiny bit if I have too and even then I check with the person behind me!
      Julie xx

  2. Such a great selection of items love everything. Did you take a carry on or small suitcase and what toiletries did you take?

    1. Hi Pauline.
      As we flew with BA and they don’t charge for bags, I took a medium size but I could have got everything in a cabin bag. And wished I had as we had to wait for an hour for our cases at LHR! I took everything in travel minis as wasn’t sure what they’d have in the hotel. They actually had Aromatherapy Associates stuff!
      Julie xx


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