Sunday, 13 May 2018

Six New beauty things I've been trying

I've got six new things to me, and maybe you, that I've been trying out for a little while now, so I can give you a proper tried and tested review. Here we go then:

1. Sanatio Naturalis Sweet Orange 100% pure essential oil*

I love a multi functioning product and this 100% pure essential oil is one of those gems that does more than just smell nice (and it does). You can use a few drops of this oil on your pillow for a better sleep, in a diffuser to scent your room with an uplifting and refreshing aroma or mixed in with Tea Tree oil and water to make a natural kitchen disinfectant.
I've been putting a few drops of the Sweet Orange oil in to water and in a tealight burner. The scent is subtly sweet and clean and is lovely for freshening up a room.
A 10ml dropper bottle is £15.00 and available here.

2. Elemis Superfood Facial Wash £25.00

In my opinion this is not a make up removing cleanser. But as a morning cleanser or as your second cleanse, it's very nice. The gel texture leaves my skin soft and not at all dry. The scent is typically Elemis, you'll smell like you've been at one of their spas for the day, and that's not a bad smell at all. The superfood element is formulated with active ingredients from Avocado, Broccoli and Pumpkin Seed oils and these are combined with a natural Pre-Biotic to help balance the skin’s precious microbiome. Wheatgrass, Kale, and Nettle leave the complexion looking luminous, bright and radiant.

3. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask £17.00

This 100% vegan charcoal mask has bits in, which I wasn't expecting, so make sure you stand over a sink when applying. But once its on, it does dry down quite quickly and is fairly comfortable to have on, even though there is a slight tingling sensation. Although taking this mask off is messy because of the bits, it's worth it as it does deep clean those pores and leaves my skin feeling very clean, smooth to the touch and actually visibly glowing.

4. Altruist Invisible Sunspray SPF 30*

I'm quite a traditionalist when it comes to sunscreen, as in I've always favoured a cream but over the past few years I've seen how easy sprays are to apply, and so I branched out. However, whilst cream sprays are definitely easier to apply, you do still need to rub them in.
Not so with Altruist Invisible Spray. Not only is this literally invisible, as in it is a clear liquid but the fine mist means you just spray all over without any rubbing in. The mist is so fine that it means you're not left feeling sticky or tacky and in sinks in straight away. The spray has been developed for sensitive skin and is non pore blocking, which is a real plus point for me. 
I used this on my recent 3 day trip to Dubai in 36 degree heat, and didn't burn at all. Whilst there is no tell tale holiday scent to this spray (which a lot of people will prefer), the ease of application outweighs this for me and at only £5.00 for a 200ml can, it's much more affordable than other sunscreens on the market.
Available from Amazon.

5. Revlon Volume + Length Magnified mascara £9.99

If a brand brings out a whole series of mascaras, for all different requirements - they've got to know their stuff and be really good right? Hmm not so much. Also doesn't everyone want volume, length, separation and definition in just one mascara? Or am I just asking too much?
Needless to say this volume and length mascara offers neither. The brush just doesn't grab lashes enough to comb the product through, which is your starting point. I haven't got anymore to say on this.

6. Kiko Hydra Pro Matte Mattifying Moisturising Fluid £20.90

Regular readers of my favourite's posts may recall me raving about Kiko Hydro Pro Glow - a moisturiser with built in glow, like you can visibly see the glow on your skin and I so enjoyed using it. So when I went to buy another bottle, I stupidly faltered and asked the sales assistant if I should instead go for the matt version for my combination skin, and of course she said yes the matt version would be much better for me.
I'm not as keen on this. I don't think it mattifies my skin at all and I miss the glow. At least with the Hydro Pro Glow I wasn't matified but I had a glow.
I can't wait to use this up and get my glow back!


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