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Dove Summer Revived - another level of gradual self tanning

As some of you will already know, That Age Style is my hobby and I love that I can share with you all my passion for finding affordable beauty products that actually work. So, when I was recently invited to not only try out the Dove Summer Revived range of gradual self-tanning moisturisers, but also attend an overnight stay at the beautiful Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel in Bath as one of a small group of bloggers, I literally jumped at the opportunity. And apart from the obvious reasons of why I didn't want to turn down the chance to attend the Summer Revived retreat and bring to life my holiday mindset, I have previously used other Dove DermaSpa body lotion which really worked for my skin! 

A few weeks before attending the retreat I was kindly sent the gradual self-tanning moisturisers, which are the New Dove Visible Glow self-tan lotion (larger bottles on the left of above photo) and what I was used to, the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived body lotion. Both of these lotions come in 2 shades - fair to medium and medium to dark (my preferred shade).

You may be asking (as I was) what's the difference between these 2 lotions? Which I can now explain a bit more after hearing from Dove at the Retreat and getting the low down. 
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived body lotion £7.69

Although this is the smaller of the 2 bottles, it's still a great size at 200ml. Summer Revived is a body lotion which has been combined with Dove's own Cell-Moisturisers™ and amongst the highest level of glycerin you'll find in a high street product to moisturise your body like a high-end body lotion. The quality of the moisturiser is so good that you can use this on your face as well, so no need for a separate facial self-tanner. And because of the scientifically advanced gradual tanning this range gives, you will achieve the same believable glow to your face as well as your body without any streakiness.
Dove Visible Glow self-tan lotion £7.69
If you want your daily body lotion to give you a gradual self-tan, the Visible Glow range is for you. This is the body lotion I've been using for the past few weeks and I am so impressed with firstly how quickly I developed a really nice colour but also how moisturising this lotion is. Some self-tanners can leave your skin a bit dry but you will not get any dryness with the Dove range. These lotions hydrate and care for your skin, whilst getting you summer ready. If you have drier skin, I would recommend the DermaSpa range though due to it’s higher moisturising properties.

And if you've been put off by the biscuity odour from gradual self-tanners in the past.. fear not as Dove have also worked really hard and very cleverly to disguise the unavoidable scent you will always get from the tanning ingredient with a lovely fresh citrus, fruity scent. I couldn't detect even a hint of the biscuit smell in either Dove Visible Glow or Summer Revived.

To put proof in the pudding.. here's a snap of me lounging in The Gainsborough Bath Spa lobby, with my self tanned legs out for all to see! I can tell you I would not have worn this length dress without having the confidence only a bronzed body can give you.
So what went on at the Summer Revived retreat I hear you say. What I need to say first of all is The Gainsborough Bath Spa is an exquisite hotel with exceptional service from the minute you arrive to when you leave. Myself and 7 other bloggers were treated like Queens. 

The event kicked off with a lovely brunch, where we all had the chance to meet and chat with each other and then hear all about the Derma Spa and Visible Glow products from Dove.

We all had our own gorgeous room with a bed that I had to climb up to and slept in like I was drifting on a cloud.
The room was a really good size with a luxurious bathroom, complete with Asprey products. Included in any stay at The Gainsborough is also the free in-room mini bar, free wifi, and use of the Spa Village - which has 3 natural thermal pools. The Gainsborough is the only hotel to have tapped in to these naturally heated thermals.

The hotel's Spa Village is accessible to hotel guests only at certain times in the morning and evening so it won't be busy. As well as the 3 natural thermal pools, there are other self treatments such as a saunas and steam room and an ice alcove, which is so refreshing to cool you down after the sauna. 
There are also 11 treatment rooms and it was here that I was treated to a 1 hour back, neck and shoulder massage - bliss.
After a few leisurely hours in the Village Spa, we all then got ready for a cocktail making masterclass. I have to say the 2 cocktails I made with the delicious fresh ingredients were really nice.

And then after cocktail making we were all treated to a 6 course tasting menu from Dan Moon the resident chef. It was a perfect end to a fabulous day. The food was mouth wateringly good and each course was paired with an accompanying wine.
And after a glorious sleep it was off to breakfast before an hour of yoga, which helped to keep going the very relaxed and revived state of mind and body we were all in.

And as sad as I am that it's all over, I'm keeping the Summer Revived feeling going every time I catch a glimpse of my tanned legs and arms.. I'm certainly going to be beach ready for my summer holiday in a few weeks.

Thanks to Dove for gifting me the products and the absolute treat retreat at The Gainsborough Bath Spa. Although I will be receiving a small fee for this blog post, my honesty about the products used are 100%. 


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