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5 Accessories to update your summer wardrobe

Is it safe to say that Summer is on its way? Well I'm going to embrace it because nothing lifts your spirits than when the sun is in the big blue sky and there's a smell of burning sausages in the air.

I've been getting over excited and ready for upcoming holidays by searching for and buying some accessories to update my summer wardrobe. Is it just me or do you feel you can go out of your normal style zone and go a bit quirky with holiday/summer accessories? Take this super cute crab straw bag, which is first on my list of 5 accessories to update your summer wardrobe.

1. Round Straw Bag
Topshop £22.00
Round straw bags are hot this season. I love the natural material and texture of the woven fabric and a round bag is a change to the usual rectangle or square shape we're all used to. And whilst there are a lot of rigid round bags around at the moment - this one from Topshop ticks more boxes for me. Because it's not rigid, it'll easy fit in my suitcase (you know that front pocket on suitcases) and I won't be worried about it getting crushed. And although it has a handy long strap for wearing either cross body or on the shoulder, it easily hides away inside the bag so you can hold it by hand. There's also the button closure so the bag has a level of security. There's a cream cotton lining and a handy deep zipped pocket in the lining.
And of course there's the crabs.. too cute.  I've see that Pull & Bear have a purse that will match as well that I think I just have to get. (£12.99)
Pull & Bear
Hang on that's a lobster..or a shrimp?!

If you did prefer a more rigid bag, this one also from Topshop has a more secure closure. £27.00
2. Woven Shoes
To go with your straw bag, why not get get some woven shoes. 
I bought these simple flat woven sandals from Matalan for £12.00 and they're so comfortable.
However, I'm also after something a bit dressier. These softly textured shoes I've picked below are smarter and would be great for more formal occasions or work. They are on trend and a more fun look than a usual court shoe. And because of the open texture, your feet will stay cool, so are great for holidays too.  

I've got my eye on a few and just can't decide just yet which ones to go for..
These M&S slingback sandals will look great with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers and M&S do them in tan as well. I've tried them on and they are comfortable and the heel height would be absolutely fine for all day or night wear. £55.00.

Topshop have some great woven design shoes and I think one of these is what I will end up going for.
I love these Mary Jane shoes, they are so adorable and would completely make a wedding guest outfit. The soft pinky nude colour would go with any outfit choice as well. £49.00

And if you like this style but not with the strap.. how about these slip on shoes in the colour of the season.  Imagine how sharp these would look with cropped jeans. £46.00 (also from Topshop).
3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
For a while I didn't think cat eye sunglasses would suit my round shaped face but I don't think these look at all bad. I bought this pair from Zara for £15.99 and I like them because they don't have a really extreme cat eye shape which there are a lot of about at the moment. The extreme shape I don't think many people can or should carry off. 
The only thing I would say about this pair is although they don't feel heavy on they do leave a dent mark on the bridge of my nose quite quickly.

I also like these from Asos and they're a bargain at either £12.00 each or £18.00 for both!
 Or these pricier but red cat eyes also from Asos at £115.00
 4. The Headband
For those days when you don't want to think too hard about your outfit and your hair needs a wash - there are so many headbands/scarves about. And what I love about this one from Zara (only £7.99) is it's got an elasticated back so you just pop it on, either over your hair like I've worn here or the normal way and you've made a bit of a statement. And it's comfortable to wear.

Zara have load of other designs, like this one..
5. The Beach Bag
A big bag that you can chuck your beach towel, book, bottle of water and sunscreen in for a day by the pool or beach, can also be used in the Summer as your shopping tote. I favour a beach bag that will easily fold in to my suitcase, has a wipe clean lining and small zipped pocket but I also really like a lot of the big straw baskets that are everywhere.
Here are some of the beach bags I am lusting after..
M&S £35.00.

 Accessorize £29.00.
Alphabet Bags
Alphabet Bags £22.00.

So those are my accessory additions to freshen up a summer wardrobe. I hope you like them.



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  1. Some great choices. I love the lobster straw bag and cute purse, and the Topshop Mary Janes x


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