Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Sorry State of Blogging

Have you ever started something, like a new hobby/friendship/TV series/pack of biscuits and you honestly feel at that point that you never want it to end? And indeed you'll work hard to make sure it never does. But what if, despite all your very best efforts, throwing everything you've got at it, it just doesn't pan out the way you had hoped for and then you find yourself drifting away, feeling a bit let down and disappointed.

Well that's been me for a little while now with the whole blogging lark. I know when it happened - some of you may or may not know that I used to write for another beauty blog, a big UK one. I was one of a group of contributors and I was really proud to be part of this group. We didn't get paid but did get to keep any items we wrote about, a bit like what happens now with my own little blog. And I really enjoyed this because I had felt that this other site would give me exposure to a wider audience and earn me the respect of the blogger who fronts this blog. It didn't and my dreams of maybe one day being able to write for this other site as a full time blogger came to an abrupt end when all the contributors were dropped. It was disappointing.

But I decided to throw all my time and writing effort into my own blog, which I did and decided to challenge myself to post 24 days in December. And I did it, but I don't know, maybe because everyone is busy in December but the number of readers I got to these Christmas Beauty Advent posts was really low. And it left me feeling despondent and I lost my enthusiasm for blogging. This was also coupled with the six month long winter we had in the UK and the complete lack of any decent light to take photos! I stopped buying things just so I could write about them. In the last few weeks I've also read from lots of bloggers - full time ones and small hobby ones like me, who too were feeling generally fed up with the whole blogging world and that all their time and efforts were just not receiving the readership they had previously been used to.

I know myself my consumption of content has changed - I very rarely buy magazines anymore and when I do I literally flick through looking at the images and I never read any of the words, apart from where I can buy an item and how much it is! Even my obsession with watching Youtube has gone. I used to look forward to Sundays when the majority of the Youtubers I subscribe to upload new content. Not any more.

Instagram, the only social media platform that really interests me, has lost its appeal. Not only for people like me that like to promote new blog posts and images that I think might interest and appeal to my very few followers but as a non blogger, it irritates the hell out of me that I'm not seeing posts on my timeline in chronological order. What is the point in seeing a post from a brand or someone alerting you to a new in product but to then realise you're seeing this post for the first time when it is already two days old, and said item is now sold out?!

We all (myself included) seem to have suddenly turned in to quick fire content consumers. No one wants to read anymore, we want information in quick short bursts, which is why Instagram Stories has become the most popular platform. But it's crazy isn't it because I for one can spend hours scrolling on my phone looking for these short bursts of information. And it frazzles your brain doesn't it. Who else has spent that half hour before going to sleep just scrolling only to then find when you want to sleep, your brain is too switched on and reeling from all the images you've just bombarded it with. If I halved the time I spend mindlessly scrolling and actually reading an article, blog post or book I would surely be consuming a more in depth level of content and useful, quality information. I'd get a real time spent review of a product, rather than just the quick packaging shot I currently am? I mean great if it looks pretty but does it actually work??

So for the here and now I'm back on it. This is my hobby, not my job, so I can afford the blog a little down time, while I hopefully refresh. And if now and then you want to dip in and read about what moisturiser or foundation I'm using or where I've been on holiday and what I've bought myself to wear and what I think you might like too ... please be my guest.

And to tempt you, these are some of the posts which will be coming up..

  • Just 5 things to refresh your summer wardrobe
  • What's in my case for 3 days in Dubai
  • Treat yourself to an in-flight spa
  • Hiking. The beginner's guide.
  • My 1st spray tan experience

Let's go back to the old school, let's get back to properly taking the time out to digest what we're reading, and I will continue to give you my absolute honest opinion on everything I write about here. And hopefully we can all get back to enjoying some time well spent with a cup of tea, a couple of biscuits and a good read.



  1. Hi Julie - well you've just gained a new reader thanks to Instagram. I'm a hobby blogger too and have also noticed fewer readers. I thought maybe it was because I'm posting less these days. But I think you're right: people are too time poor and only want "snackable nuggets." Your upcoming posts sound great so I'll be back. If blogging makes you happy, keep doing it is my motto!

    1. Hi Gail
      Thanks so much for your comment and reading. I love your phrase “snackable nuggets” - it’s so true. Sad but true.
      But yes as a hobby, while I’m enjoying it, I’m going to keep going.
      Julie xx

  2. Hi I'm new too! Don't be despondent Take your time and enjoy it, your online diary. Well that's where it all started didn't it blogging? Online diaries. I' looking forward to your new posts!
    Laurie xx

  3. I've been at this blogging lark a lot longer than most, so I've seen more of these peaks and troughs in the way people feel about blogging as a medium than I can count. It's why, at the start of this year, I decided I was going to stop chasing every opportunity that crossed my path and get back to writing about the things I genuinely cared about - easy enough to say when your blog isn't your source of income, I guess, but it works for me.

    Bonus: it's giving me more time to read the longer form content that I love, too! So I'm still here, and still reading.

    Lis / last year's girl x


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