Monday, 23 April 2018

How to do an in flight spa

Flights are boring aren't they? Especially long haul flights. After the initial excitment of checking what films you can watch, flicking through the Duty Free magazine and deciding on your meal.. there's not much else to do. And as well as having a lot of time to kill, flying can play havoc with your skin, de-hydrating it from the circulating air and generally just having six plus hours of no fresh air or proper day light, and add to that a lack of proper sleep and it's no wonder no one looks their absolute best when they leave the plane.

So why not with the many hours you've got.. pamper yourself and give your skin some tlc to help combat against flying.

I was kindly sent the Inflight Essentials from Heathcote & Ivory The clear bag, which is the perfect size for putting your liquids in, is packed full of travel sized goodies that will help to get you relaxed on your flight. The bag contains:
A pack of playing cards, which are great for either on your own playing patience or a few games of 21 with your flying partner. The bag also contains a very handy pair of ear plugs. I detest the general plane noise and so to be able to shut all that noise out will help me to unwind and find my zone.
A hand cream which smells refreshing and leaves hands feeling hydrated and soft. I like to use hand cream after using a hand sanitiser, which you also get in the pack,  to leave a nice scent and moisturise hands.
This is an interesting and very useful item to have when flying - a calming gel. The lavender scented gel smells very spa like and because it's lavender, very relaxing. Dot a small amount on to your pulse points (wrists and temples) to help calm any flying nerves.

This handy in flight essentials bag* is only £12.00 from Heathcote & Ivory.
For longer flights I like to take all my make up off and the easiest way is with a face wipe. This is the only time I use wipes and these micellar wipes from Aldi were cheap but will do the job of removing all my make up and freshening up skin. Also good for cleaning your hands.
I know some people like to sit on a plane in a full on sheet mask.. but I think most of these people are sat in First Class where you can do what you want and have more privacy! So I won't be sitting scaring people in the cheap seats in a sheet mask but I am happy to discreetly use eye patches. These clear hydrogel eye patches super charge your under eye area with much needed hydration. And no one need know you're wearing them. £3.50 from Soap & Glory.
I also slather on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on to my hands and especially around my dry cuticles, which will get them looking holiday ready. Use this every few hours on your lips as well.

To keep my face moisturised and help keep oiliness at bay, I will mist on the Tony Moly Sleek Mist every few hours as well. This mist has such a refreshing spray and I would recommend this or any facial mist spray for flights and holidays. Available from Cult Beauty.

Another treat would be a foot mask, the ones which are like socks with the serum contained inside. Put the socks on and the mask will not only cool and help with the normal swelling of feet during a flight, but will get your heels sandal ready. Masque Bar do an intensive moisturising mask and is available from Boots.

And last of all when you've pampered yourself and watched enough films, read enough of your new book, slip on a sleep eye mask, pop your ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones on and get some shut eye ready to wake up in your new destination.



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