Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Less than ordinary?

The launch of skincare range The Ordinary in 2016 was met by such anticipation and excitment and very, very long waiting lists. I for one loved the super affordable price points and access to high end, results driven skincare ingredients.

Using serums, acids and oils from the range made me feel like a skincare expert and scientist all in one. Indeed it was The Ordinary that introduced me to facial acids and Retinoid, both of which are very much a staple part of my skincare routine and I will often be heard banging on about the importance of Hyaluronic and Glycolic acid to help with ensuring your skin is in its very best condition.

If you love your skincare and have been using and following the story of The Ordinary from Deciem, you may have read some very concerning stories about the founder, Brandon Truaxe in the last couple of weeks. It seems that Truaxe has fallen out and dismissed some of his senior management staff, with no real explanation and there have also been some strange ramblings by Brandon on Instagram - he has recently taken over control of the account. I have seen comments that people are concerned about his mental wellbeing. 

To be honest I don't take much notice of gossip/Twitter or the occasional bitching that seems to go about in the blogging community. However, when I received a general email yesterday from Victoria Health saying they were no longer stocking any Deciem products, so not just The Ordinary but all the other brands under the Deciem umbrella, I knew something was really up.

Victoria Health is a brilliant website, with really good customer service and speedy delivery and from the very beginning they have championed and flown the flag for The Ordinary, so for them to put this email out shows that there is something more going on here.

I have read comments ( that the Deciem founder has been accused of bullying staff, belittling them and disregarding female staff. All this is really bad and for a main supplier like Victoria Health to stop stocking their products, there must have been a significant reason why?

As well as Victoria Health, social media and many influencers were (I believe) the main reason for the huge and very quick rise to fame for The Ordinary. We were all singing its praises and because the products were so cheap, who really cared if they worked or not? But I have to say a lot of the products I've tried, and there has been a lot, have been nice and pleasant to use. Did they make a difference to my skin? Definitely some did (notably the AHA Peeling solution and Rose Hip Seed Oil).

Would I continue to use The Ordinary?
Well this is difficult because for me, even if they made the most amazing skincare product, if it is true and the founder bullies and mistreats staff, then NO I will not continue to support a brand that appears to have got completely above its station/too big for its boots and is basically acting like a downright knob.

If Brandon Truaxe is under extreme stress and pressure and in the middle of a very public breakdown, then someone please intervene and get that man some trained help and support. 

Influencers put The Ordinary where it is today and whilst I don't for one second call myself and my little blog influential, I am a customer and we have power in our purses!



  1. Where have I been then? I’ve not heard any of this Julie and hope it’s not true but like you say for Victoria health to stop selling the products there’s got to be something going on surely?? I watched the video of him being interviewed by nadine baggott and he seemed lovely, honest and genuine. Watch this space!

    1. I wonder if it’s just taken off far too fast and the pressure is too much. Who knows. But I really rate Victoria Health and for them to cease stocking all Deciem products is telling surely?!
      Hope you’re well.
      Julie xx


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