Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Is Glossier make up just for Millennials?

First things first - what is a millennial? It's someone who was born between the early 1980's to early 2000's. I'm from generation X, the generation before these blush pink wearing, staying in, healthy eating bright young things.

Glossier started shipping to the UK last year and launched to great excitement and expectation as here was a make up and skin care range that was affordable, with really cool packaging that promised you a no make up make up, fresh and glowy look. Surely what we are all aiming for?

Well no actually. Being of generation X, gone are the days when I feel comfortable going bare faced. I need make up for my face but more importantly for my confidence and because I love the ritual of applying make up.

Glossier's website has photos of young models with the freshest, clearest, glowing skin. And that's what you're buying in to surely?

But for those of us who either need or like wearing foundation with actual coverage, to brighten dull and tired skin and add a base that lets you face whatever the day throws at you.. Glossier is not the one.

It is a lovely line and looks so pretty on your dressing table but for me, it's not got the X factor I'm looking for. Who I do think it would be perfect for are teens plus who want the confidence that make up brings but without caking it on. Glossier's Skin Tint is just that and would suit young, taut, line free skin just to add a very subtle hint of dewy coverage. And that's the thing at 40+, I do not want dewiness. I don't want to look sweaty or shiny, I want a matt coverage to detract and take attention away from my lines and wrinkles, open pores and uneven skin tone.

One of Glossier's best sellers - Cloud Paint, which is a liquid gel type blush colour clung horribly in the open pores on my cheeks. The colour is so pigmented, I'll give it that, but the texture does nothing for my skin and sits in all the worst places and looks like I've applied it with a spatula. With no blending in.
Another product I tried is the Stretch Concealer. This is a nice texture and applied with your finger does blend it well under the eyes but at best it lifts the darker under eye area slightly but has no real coverage. By the end of the day, all of the concealer has disappeared and I am shocked to see a dark eyed ghost looking back at me from the mirror!

I received a sample of the Milky Jelly Cleanser. This does not remove make up effectively at all. And I've seen more and more reviews referring to this as a lovely morning cleanser. And it is a really nice texture but for a morning cleanse only. Maybe it's because Glossier users wear such minimal make up they don't need a really hard working cleanser?

I definitely fell for the Glossier hype and that's ok because I don't feel any make up range is age relevant but this is a range definitely for people with either near perfect skin that needs minimal coverage or if you are happy to just wear a dot of blusher and slick of lip gloss. That's not me.

What I do absolutely love from Glossier is the Boy Brow pomade. This coloured brow mascara has a perfectly sized tiny brush, is a great shade and most importantly has real holding power for unruly brow hairs but with absolutely no stickiness or crustiness. I am just about to order my second tube.
Like all make up ranges, there's some things I love and others I'm not fussed about and whilst I do love Boy Brow, my older generation X skin just needs more.


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