Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I tried a Full Face of Make up for less than £12

I have often found that some bargain, cheaper than chips, make up products can be better in lasting power, coverage, pigmentation and of course value than similar items that you can easily pay ten times the price for. Case in point is Collection Lasting Perfection concealer that I always feature in my empties. £3.99 for the best concealer I have used for concealing spots and redness. It's creamy, long lasting texture, which doesn't sit in fine lines is a dream.

Natural Collection  is a really affordable range from Boots that I have often walked past but never bought anything from because, to be honest, I thought the shades and range was a bit meh. But during a recent lunchtime mooch I splashed out just shy of £12 to get a full face of make up, to see how the products faired under my critical eye.
Tinted Moisturiser - £2.99
The range does include a foundation but I opted for a tinted moisturiser because I didn't have my glasses with me and so couldn't really pick the right foundation shade. I also thought a tinted moisturiser would be a good option for saturday morning walks when I wouldn't normally wear any make up. Just to take the edge off.

This has no coverage at all, as is the case for tinted moisturisers, yet does give a very, very subtle blurred effect. I like the cream, it sinks in quickly and leaves no trace. This would be great for holidays when you've got a bit of tan on your face.
Powder Blush in Rose Blush - £1.99
This is the wrong shade for me, I should have gone for the more bronzy/peach shade but as a blush it's fab. Pretty ok pigmentation, lasts all day and looks nice on the cheeks. This shade has the merest hint of glitter which lifts the shade when applied and is a real dupe for Nars Orgasm blush. I'll definitely get a more suitable shade and a bronzer as well.
Sheer natural lipstick in Power Pink - £2.49
Another duff shade for me. I hate to say this but the shades I picked up in the blush and this lipstick are too young for me. It's because in my head I am still 26!
But again a really nice not so sheer lipstick which has camomile in to sooth and protect lips. It's hydrating and feels comfortable on the lips. This is an easy to wear daytime lippy.
Eyeshadow in Copper Blush - £1.99
Similar size to the recent single Bobbi Brown eyeshadow I bought for £19 (!!). A nice, easy to blend, good pay off powder shadow. More applications of this really brings out the copper, foil like look. It's lovely.
Length Mascara - £2.49
This is the wettest mascara I've ever used, for the first few uses. Although that said it doesn't smudge everywhere. It's now started to dry out a little but there is still a lot of product on the wand, which you have to take off on the side of the tube. All that said it's an alright mascara, even better than just alright. I've used worse for much more. It does lengthen and separate lashes. I like volume so only for that reason, I wouldn't re-purchase this one but the range does do a volume specific mascara, so I'll definitely try that.

Apart from my own user error of not picking shades that suit me, I'm really quite pleased with the quality of the items I've tried and will definitely be trying more. And there's a lot more in the range, so maybe take a look next time you are in Boots. 



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