Wednesday, 21 February 2018

I have this thing for lighting..

I've always liked an unusual or quirky light fitting. You would never catch my home with a bare bulb and no shade fitting. Even the day after a move! A naked bulb to me or indeed an ugly lamp shade surrounding it, is just so sad. Why would you neglect your lighting? It can brighten and lift a room, add a level of coziness that no candle can and most importantly give you lighting in all the right areas.

You can have table lamps next to the seat you use for reading. You can have lighting directed at a lovely picture or piece of artwork or even a lamp on a timer for security and so you don't come home to a dark home.

I do sometimes feel that ceiling lights can often be forgotten about. Switching on the "big light" for me is a rare occasion, unless I'm looking for something or need to figure out how to operate the DVD player but my eyes often drift up to the ceiling light and I want to like what I look up to.

I've taken a few pics of my ceiling light fittings and because they are all quite old now, I've tried to find some similar versions that are available now.
I do feel that you can be more adventurous with the decor and lighting in a downstairs loo. This colourful chandelier was given to me by my brother in law. I've always loved chandeliers and this jewel coloured version really brightens up what is a small and dark room (although it's my favourite room!). Bear in mind I am 5ft 4, so I can happily walk under this without getting my hair caught but anyone taller would. have a very similar one for £40.99
I never owned one of those round paper lantern shades but I do like the concept of paper shades. And whilst this isn't paper, it's plastic, it does give off that origami vibe. I can't remember where I bought this but there are similar out there. 
 This is the shade with the light on. 
This is another plastic origami style light.
BHS are still going online and their lighting selection is stunning. This shade is £28.00.
And this very simple but cute paper shade was from Dunelm (few years ago though).
This cut out shade from Dunelm is £15.00.
In my kitchen I didn't want the standard strip of spotlights, and due to non height restrictions I have this huge shade with chandelier arms inside. It does need replacing after a tall person walked in to it and knocked the fitting off the ceiling but it's had a good run.

Over my small dining table I do have a standard shade but with a pattern on the inside which creates a really nice look when the light is on.

A fairly similar one also from Dunelm £12.00
And in the living room, as I tend to be sat down a lot, I recently bought these gold coloured lined shades from Asda. The black shade with the gold inner gives a dramatic feel to the room and I like seeing the coloured lining rather than just the back of a shade.
This stunning lamp from Graham & Green is an eye watering £289.00 but it's a definite statement light. The rest of their lighting range is really quirky and eye catching.
I hope my lights have given you a bit of inspo. Lamp shades shouldn't be overlooked, look up and like what you see.



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