Wednesday, 3 January 2018

New year, New (very comfortable) shoes-Meet the Ecco Scinapse

When I was recently asked if I would like to try some Ecco* shoes, I didn't hesitate in saying yes please. Of course I've heard of Ecco and associate the brand with stylish, well made and comfortable foot wear. And although I had not tried a pair of Ecco's before, I was excited to receive these stunning chilli red Ecco Scinapse high top casual boots.

A hybrid between a casual boot and a high top trainer, the chilli red shade is so in vogue and these really stand out when worn with jeans, especially dark wash denim. There are so many features I like about these shoes. 

  • The colour - which brightens up what could be a dull outfit of jeans and top
  • The comfort - these have to be up there with the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Initially getting them on was a bit tight but these are leather shoes and they have already loosened up nicely. The shoe is spacious, without being loose and I really feel like I am walking about in slippers when I wear these. (I've even had to check now and then just in case I have inadvertently left them on). There is no rubbing, tightness or strain on my feet.
  • The look - aside from the colour, I love the look of these shoes. I prefer a high top design, mostly because I don't like cold ankles and also for a practical reason and that's that I like my ankles to be supported, which these do a treat. I love the sole and the shape of these shoes, which gives a real fashion trainer look to the boots.
The fastening is also eye catching and practical. No more laces to come undone and trip over, the fastenings are elasticated integral speed laces, which loosen so you can put the boots on and then pull to tighten and tuck in the end to keep the ends secure and in place.
Ecco Scinapse fastenings
I've worn these boots quite a few times since receiving them and the biggest test was when I went to London for the day last week and walked around Winter Wonderland and the area for the whole day. It was a freezing cold day and I was still recovering from the flu but these boots kept my feet cosy warm (and my ankles) and they were so comfortable and supportive, despite a whole day of walking and standing. I had no rubbing anywhere on my feet.

And the support is like no other trainer I've worn, even high tops. These boots envelope your foot in a gentle supportive hold. I really think I could walk and walk in these and it would be the rest of me that would give up before my feet would, in these Scinapse boots.
And whilst I am not saying that these are walking boots, if you are out for the day doing a lot of walking around the shops or visiting a city, these are perfect. What I am also going to be using these as are my "recovery boots". Let me explain - I am giving serious consideration to doing one of the new Cancer Research UK Race 4 Life Hikes this year. This would be a huge challenge for me, walking 20 odd miles and although I know I will need to get appropriate hiking shoes, after practice walks I know I will look forward to putting these light, cushioned soled and flexible Ecco boots on and it'll be like putting my slippers on. Recovery boots!
Ecco Scinapse
Ecco Scinapse
If you want to treat yourself and your feet to these durable, breathable leather high tops you can find the Ecco Scinapse here. 
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