Saturday, 27 January 2018

Homeware Haul

Maybe because during the winter months I spend all my time indoors, I start to look around and want to revamp a few rooms. Of course this can turn in to quite a costly exercise so I decided to buy just a few new pieces to freshen up my home without the expense and effort of a full re-decoration.

Large round mirror - Ikea (£60.00)
Ikea Round Mirror
I'd seen this mirror on the website but it wasn't until I saw it in real life that I realised what an utter bargain it was. It's huge and if I can say this, doesn't look like it's from Ikea (no offense Ikea, I do love you). This sturdy mirror with the shelf feature brings so much light in to my living room and there were so many other places I could have put it. I'm still wondering if it should go above my console table in the hallway...

Neon cactus light - Homesense £24.00
Homesense Neon Cactus Light
I had actually been planning on getting a neon light which was four times the price of this one but I was also toying with the idea of whether I would use it, was it a waste of money etc. And then whilst Christmas shopping in my beloved lunchtime haunt, Homesense, I saw this one for only £24.00 (and I have seen a few even less amongst the dregs of the sale if you're interested). I am so glad I bought this one and not the more expensive one because actually it is a novelty piece and I don't switch it on that often but I do love the quirkiness it adds to this little space in my kitchen.

Here's a bad picture of it on. Honestly it does look much better than this in the flesh.

Pink palm trees print - Fy £44.00
My bedroom needed a bit of colour. I mean to be honest it needs more than colour but here is not the time or place..
My bedroom is muted grey with duck egg blue upholstered bed and lampshades. Although I am well past the age of a millenial, I do love pink and the warmth it brings to any colour scheme. I chose this print from Fy in the sale and with frame it was £44. Personally I think that was too much. The print is nice but the frame is quite flimsy and although I did order A2 size, I didn't realise it wouldn't be big enough to go over my bed. But it looks nice here above my bedside table.

Pink velvet(ish) cushions - Primark £5.00
Despite my daily visits to Homesense, I couldn't find the right pink cushions. I wanted plain ones but didn't want to pay a fortune, or more than £20 each! Primark came up trumps (need to stop using that phrase as Trump implies a beneficial good thing..), anyway I got these two rectangular cushions and they are just what I wanted. Really good shape for supporting the back of your neck as well.

Lamps - Dunelm £10.50
I've been in a debate with myself over replacing my bedside table lamps. I have two, one is never used and doesn't even have a bulb in it. I don't need two, I am single. But do I then get rid of the two and replace with only one, because only one is needed and then I can spend a bit more on the one. But does having only one bedside lamp just shout "I AM SINGLE"? You can see the turmoil over this I've been going through.

Dunelm came to the rescue when I saw these two gold and grey lamps, on sale, at £10.50 each!! And they are touch lamps. They had other colour shades as well. The gold base adds the warmth I've been lacking in this room and because the shade is plain, I'm going to go a bit crazier on the main ceiling shade, when I can find that.

I still have no bulb in the second lamp..




  1. I've been thinking about getting that IKEA mirror and spraying the wood gold - I love the shape of it and how big it is, perfect for really opening up a space :)

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  2. Thanks for your comment Alice. And what a great idea to spray it gold!
    Julie xx


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