Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Five ways to avoid the winter blues

How to avoid the winter blues? Question not statement.

Honestly does anyone thrive in the colder, darker months where all you seem to do is go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark, stay in, with the heating whacked up and covered in blankets? And whilst the thought of that in September seems really nice and cozy and in December is classed as feeling "christmassy". Come January and February, it's just downright miserable. Things you may have planned to do are dampened by the cold and wet weather (as I write this it has literally not stopped raining for two days). 

As we all try to cope with the lack of sunshine and on some days, daylight, what can we all do to avoid getting really blue at this time of year? 

This is what I do, to keep myself going..

1. Book a holiday
or at least start researching where to go. There is nothing like looking at pictures of sunnier climes to cheer you up. I swear you can get some of your lost vitamin D just by viewing and Villaplus!
In January a lot of sites have sales, Easyjet have had some great flight deals recently. 

Here's some vitamin D for you..

2. Plan some day trips or events
it doesn't have to be a summer holiday. Planning a day trip with friends somewhere, such as a day out shopping, a spa day or a theatre trip can give you something to look forward to and keep you focused on fun things ahead. 
Check out deals on Groupon.

3. Take up a new hobby or interest
getting interested in something that takes your mind away from the drudge of this time of year makes such a difference. It keeps you motivated and looking forward to what you can achieve with your new hobby, however big or small - it can be taking up jewellery making or what I've done, which is sign up to one of Cancer Research's hikes. Myself and a group of ladies are doing a 20.5 mile hike in June along the Jurassic Coast. Not only do I love dinosaurs, I love buying new clothes. I am literally that person who has "all the gear, no idea". Currently I am spending all my time researching walking socks and back packs. I've already bought new walking boots and jacket and started the training and it's really helping me through these winter months as my end goal is (hopefully) sunny June.

4. Get out
and even though the idea itself is not appealing, if you wrap up warm and can keep dry-ish, getting out for a walk really lifts the mood. It's difficult and not practical at night but for those cold but bright, sunny days - go out at lunch time. Walk to the shops or around the block to get a coffee. And at weekends, if you can and even if it's only for a drive, get out for an hour. The daylight will make you feel so much better and will mean that you can then..

5. Allow yourself some self indulgent time
at least in winter, with the rain filled cold days and nights, you are almost forced to not do anything. There's no other time of the year when you can spend the whole weekend watching a whole box set, hours of Youtube videos or reading magazines or a good book without that nagging doubt that you should be doing something productive. I've been through so many box sets lately - People just do nothing (BBC iplayer and Netflix - hilarious), The Sinner (Gripping drama - Netflix), Hard Sun (was ok - BBC iplayer), The Crown (stunning drama - Netflix).

Warm baths-I bought some Lush bubble bars recently and after getting home from work, there is nothing like a warm bath with either some music on in the background or as I've been (riskily) doing, propping my ipad at the end of the bath and watching some make up tutorials!

Book yourself a massage or facial. There is something so indulgent and treat worthy to having an hour long massage or facial, away from everyone and everything. 

Don't feel any guilt, do as the bears do and hibernate.



  1. Love this, some great tips especially the charity walk that you suggest, I need to start a hobby so that I can at least enjoy the winter months rather than going in hibernation plus there are some grr theatre deals on also👍

    1. Thanks Pauline. The charity walk is an absolute first for me but I’m excited about it.
      Julie xx


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