Sunday, 24 December 2017

Day 24 of 24 days of beauty advent posts-The Beauty of being grateful at Christmas

Happy Christmas eve to you all. And if you've read any of my 24 days of beauty advent posts, thank you. I wanted to challenge myself to do daily posts from 1 December and the challenge was not just finding enough things to write about but also finding the time with a full time job and only having daylight at the weekends to take photos. But actually the challenge that I hadn't banked on was that I got flu and was drained of all energy. As getting up and down the stairs was an effort, sitting down to write was a bigger effort. But I did it, and I'm pleased I did and I hope I've featured some products you are interested to try.

Christmas is a funny time isn't it. It's like a day of forced fun and get together with no escape. But I do enjoy it and I know that we have all become completely overtaken with the whole gifting element of Christmas, which can be very stressful in itself but let's not forget that Christmas is about having a day where we should be grateful. Either grateful to be spending it with family and friends, or if you are spending it alone, grateful that you are safe and warm and can watch what you want on TV.

When I was about 11 years old, I did have a sneaky poke at the presents under the Christmas Tree. My Mum had told me not to expect much that year due to family financial pressures and so when I found the one present under the tree that was for me, I was convinced and could almost see through the very thin wrapping paper that it was a set of.. Avon picture soaps.
Now I know you'll think this is a very strange present but actually even stranger was that at that time, I collected Avon picture soaps. I do not know why and to this day, I can't stand soap.
And although I remember having a sinking heart at getting a pack of two soaps for Christmas, I was able to prepare myself (and my face) for the big day. I didn't want to offend or upset my parents with a sulky disappointed face.

But guess what that box actually was.. a Saisho portable cassette player (think a poor man's Sony Walkman!).
The pure and utter joy and relief I felt when I unwrapped this was immeasurable. The funny thing was I had no tapes to play on it, so I rushed to my next door neighbour and they very kindly immediately put some of their records on to cassette tapes for me. I strutted back home with pockets full of Eurythmics, Roxy Music and The Police and I had never been happier or more grateful.

So whether you get a box of soaps or a portable music player, I wish each and every one of you a happy and fun filled Christmas.

Oh and yea the Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel is a great intensive overnight mask and is meant to give you 8 hours of hydration, so mimicking a full nights sleep. Nice.



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