Friday, 22 December 2017

Day 22 of 24 days of beauty advent posts-Foreo Luna Play

Day 22 is the Foreo Luna Play.
And no ladies this is not what it sounds like! It's a facial cleansing tool designed to give you a professional standard of cleansing with an invigorating one minute facial.

This mini version is perfect for travel and for getting in to those hard to cleanse areas, like around your nose. The Foreo Luna Play uses T-Sonic pulsation technology with the non porous silicone touch points to gently yet effectively cleanse and exfoliate.
As you can see there are two different size touch points on the device - the thicker touch points at the top give an intense clean to help unclog pores and lift away dirt, oil and dead skin. The thinner, softer touch points in the main area gently cleanse larger areas like the cheeks.

The great thing about this device is because it is made up of silicone bristles, they are ultra hygienic and resist bacteria build up so every time you use this, you know its clean.
This mini device has a built in non-chargeable battery and you can get 100 uses out of this. So how to use? Remove all your make up, then slightly dampen your face and apply your usual cleanser, wet the surface of the Foreo and turn on by pressing the on button once. The device will stay on for one minute and in this short time, you cleanse using gentle circular motions. Be careful under your eyes as the skin here is very delicate. After one minute rinse off any cleanser left on the device and leave somewhere it will air dry.
This little device is so easy to operate and you can take it anywhere, without the need to remember a charger. And it's gentle as well on your skin. The mini is £29.00 and you can get it from Look Fantastic.



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