Saturday, 16 December 2017

Day 16 of 24 days of beauty advent posts-Ren T-Zone control cleansing gel

Day 16 is the Ren Clarimatte T-Zone control cleansing gel.

Ren is a brand I know and I know it's really good but strangely I haven't yet dabbled in to their range. At a recent Christmas party I was talking to a friend and blog reader and she asked me if I had featured Ren, which got me thinking. As you will probably know I am always banging on about (and am on a life long search for) products which will either stop or control my oily t-zone, so this gel cleanser sparked my interest.

This antibacterial cleanser is for skin that is prone to oiliness and breakouts, particularly in the t-zone (puts hand up). The gel is a lovely thick and movable consistency which I have been massaging in to my skin, for my morning cleanse, and then rinsing off when I've got in the shower. Not only is this a great way to wake my face up and wash off the beauty sleep dust (!) but I am impressed at how clean yet moisturised my skin feels after.

Ren say that the ingredients of Salicilin from Willow Bark provides mild exfoliation and has antimicrobial properties to purify problem skin, reduce pore size and minimise spot formation. Flavonoids from Mayblossom tone and decongest the skin, helping to reduce sebum production and minimise the appearance of large pores. Guaiazulene from Blue Cypress Oil calms redness and soothes irritation.

This is the cleanser for you if you want to remove dirt and dissolve excess sebum while unclogging and reducing the appearance of pores. I have been using as my morning cleanser or I would use as my second evening cleanser (after my Clinique Take the day off to remove all traces of make up).

I think after trying this cleanser, I need to delve deeper in to the Ren range.

And I've just seen that the Ren website are offering 20% of your first cleanser order. Here's the link. The full 150ml size is £16.00.



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