Monday, 11 December 2017

Day 11 of 24 Days of Beauty Advent Posts-Relaxing Eye Mask

Day 11 is this adorable lavender filled eye mask from Harlequin.*

If you've ever struggled to drift off to sleep or need a completely darkened room to be able to relax enough to nod off.. an eye mask is such a simple yet effective solution. And this cute Savanna design with the elephants is filled with lavender, which is known for its calming and relaxing effects.

Wearing an eye mask helps to stop your mind from drifting and keeping you awake. This mask is so soft and comfortable to wear, you will hardly know you have it on. The lavender is not over powering and the subtle aroma helps to relax you.

When your brain senses pure darkness, it produces melatonin (the chemical which helps you to drift off). Wearing an eye mask helps to shut out all light.

The eye mask comes in a pretty gift box and would make an ideal stocking filling gift at £16.00 from Heathcote & Ivory
All you would need to do is add a ribbon or bow to this box and you have an interesting gift which anyone would adore.
Harlequin Savanna Eye Mask
The inside of the mask and head strap is a lovely grey velvet material which neither rubs or irritates.
Harlequin Savanna Eye Mask
Harlequin is a leading British Interiors brand, internationally renowned for inspirational designs, innovative textures and ingenious use of colour.  This sophisticated range of accessories features the Savanna design, a stately procession of matching elephants.

Styled with a light ocean fresh fragrance with notes of lemon and bergamot blended with jasmine and geranium on a musk and amber base.

And if you like the Savanna elephant design, other pieces are also available such as a travel wallet, make up bag, pencil case, hand cream and mirror.



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