Sunday, 10 December 2017

Day 10 of 24 days of beauty advent posts-Glossier Boy Brow

Day 10 is Glossier Boy Brow.

If you are a beauty buff like me, or like to try new products and ranges, you will not have missed the launch of UK delivery for the whole Glossier range. Glossier is a New York based beauty range which includes both make up and skincare products. The two main things that excite me about Glossier is 1. the packaging and 2. that the range was born from beauty editors who were writing for the beauty blog

I started to read about bloggers coming back with Glossier products after recent trips to New York and whilst initially I did think that this range was more aimed at fresh faced, minimal make up wearing millenials (and I still do to a certain degree), I was intrigued all the same. So when Glossier started shipping to the UK (they have a warehouse in the UK so delivery is really quick) I waited for the rush to die down and then I made an order.
You may know that I have been using and loving Benefit Gimme Brow for ages now. I love the small brush and how it is so quick and easy to use. The thing though, for me, about Gimme Brow, is that the pay off of product on the brush is quite light. I don't think that's a bad thing but for those of us with dark brows, we can afford a little more product.
Glossier Boy Brow gives you that extra product. The brush is just as tiny, precise and easy to use as the Gimme Brow but the product which comes out is much more. You do need to use a light hand when applying and use careful brush strokes but then you're left with slightly darkened, tamed and defined brows. With this my brows look fuller and stay in place all day but without feeling crusty.

Glossier Boy Brow is also slightly cheaper than the Benefit Gimme Brow at £14 and comes in clear, blonde, brown and black shades.

I'm converted to this brow mascara. Sorry Benefit.

As I've made my first order, I was given a 10% off code to pass on to friends, so click here if you want to take advantage of this.



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