Thursday, 16 November 2017

Puffer Jackets - My High Street Puff Picks

Puff Daddy. Puff the Magic Dragon. Puff pastry. Powder Puff. But my favourite puff is a puffer jacket. When I was a mere 18 years old I was lucky enough to have a Naff Naff silver puffer jacket which my then cool boyfriend bought me. That was 29 years ago and the puffer jacket is in full force, in every shop, in every colour, long, short, wide puffs, small puffs.

A proper puffer jacket would be from Puffa, a British brand who specialise in the quilt style jackets.
Puffa jacket £100
If you've ever worn a puffer jacket you will know what I mean when I say it's like having a warm, enveloping hug. You know in Sex and the City when Carrie sits on Aiden's lap - a puffer jacket is like that! But you need to get the puff right as a lot of them can look cheap and nasty. I would definitely say avoid a shiny fabric and for me I prefer a larger depth puff. I've seen a lot of jackets that are quilted rather than puffers and I just don't like the look, example..
New Look £29.99
I really like puffers with a big collar, because after all if you are needing to wear a quilt outdoors, you want your neck to be warm as well. Here's what I'm talking about.. I love the colour and the asymmetric angle of this Zara jacket.
Zara £69.99
This one even has a built in puffer scarf. Also from Zara £89.99
 And if you want a loud and proud jacket..
H&M padded jacket with hood £39.99
H&M padded jacket with hood £39.99
Mango £79.99
Pull & Bear £29.99
Zara £69.99
Or if you fancy a more muted colour that will go with any outfit..
H&M £29.99
Zara £89.99
Zara £25.99
And if you want a longer line coat to keep you wrapped up and snug as a bug right down to your knees..
Pull & Bear £69.99
H&M £49.99
H&M £59.99
Most puffer jackets are (light) shower proof and because they're so squidgy, you can wear them whilst driving. I'll definitely be getting on the puff(er) train this season and for me I think it's going to be the black shorter H&M jacket.



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