Thursday, 9 November 2017

My Birthday Favourites/Gift Ideas

When I posted what I got for my birthday last year, I felt a bit cringe/9 years old/showy off but you seemed to like it and I love seeing these posts because they also give me ideas on things to buy myself or gift ideas for others. So here we are again, another year older, grey-er, tired-er but still loving all the things and so, as well as the vouchers which I can't wait to spend, florentines I've already eaten, note books I don't want to ruin by writing in, here are some of my favourite birthday pressies..
Natural Spa Factory Fig & Vanilla hand cream - during a recent work thing at Bath Racecourse, I came across this absolutely delicious smelling fig and vanilla hand cream in the toilets (don't you just love a loo which provides decent hand cream?). It's nearly all natural and is a light hand cream that just smells like you could eat it. I'm a great hand washer (I wash my hands for the sake of it) but having this to put on after my slightly obsessive/compulsive practice leaves my hands soft and smelling gorgeous.
Candles - you could never upset me by getting me a candle (unless it's that really sickly cloying  Christmas one from Yankee!). You can't tell from the photo but the larger one is a three wick. I find three wickers last so much longer. I'm all about getting home from work-pyjamas on-light candles-cozy on down.
Phone - I've had a ugly black digital cordless phone for ages. So unsightly was it that I kept it partially hidden on the bottom of my "telephone table". This retro cute corded phone not only has a clearer sound than my fugly phone, it looks so girly. I just wish someone would call me so I could talk on the phone for hours, on my bed, in my curlers.
I now proudly display my new phone on top of the telephone table.
Mini Tripod - Look out for future clearer, close up angled photos now I have this mini tripod. I do have a standard size one but this is just going to be really quick to set up and take on holidays.
If I were a Vlogger, I'd hold it like..
Benefit Hoola Powder - I feel a great sense of life achievement that I've used up a whole Hoola. That is bronzer commitment. For me this is the only bronzer. It's neither orangey, cakey or too heavy and gives a natural "I'm healthy/been on holiday" bronze. As well as definition and contour to cheek bones and the jaw line.
Velvet hangers - I've decided to replace all my Primark and M&S plastic hangers with different coloured velvet hangers. These purple ones are going to get me off to a great start. 
Dirty Dancing print- Like most people I love Dirty Dancing, I could watch it every day and never tire of it. A couple of years ago, me and the daughter went and watched it at an outdoor cinema and it was one of the best experiences. So not only does this print from Honeymoon Hotel Art remind me of that moment in the film but also of that night when me and my girl danced in the dark, singing along to 'I've had the time of my life'.
Because nobody puts this baby in any corner! (Now that would make a good print).



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