Thursday, 23 November 2017

I hit pan (empties worth a re-purchase) #5

It's bin day, so a chance for me to clear out my stock of empties, show and tell you if I'd bother re-purchasing and then pop them in the recycling.

If you've read any of my previous empties (which you can do by searching "empties" in the search bar) you might have seen a few of the same products, and that is testament to how much I love them.
Soaper Duper Body Wash (Yuzufruit & Fig) - I love this body wash (well the whole range). I'm not overly keen on the packaging but it is a huge 500ml of almost all natural ingredients and the scent is delicious, sweet and fresh. The shower gel is thick and leaves my skin soft and moisturised. You can get Soaper Duper from Tesco. Body wash is £6.00.

Soaper Duper Hand Wash (Green Tuberose) - Another large 500ml that has lasted me months and months and leaves a lovely fresh, clean and fruity scent on my hands. This hand wash doesn't leave my hands feeling dry and stripped like some hand soaps. Hand wash is £5.00. And yes I will definitely re-purchase both.
Kiko Hydra Pro Glow (day moisturiser) - You have to try this to see for yourself the actual glow and luminosity this creamy moisturiser gives your skin. It's also got an SPF 10 and hyaluronic acid. I adore this cream and although it's more than I would usually pay at £20.90, it has lasted me an absolute age and for the glow it gives, I would pay double that. Alert - Kiko have currently got a buy 3 products, get 3 free and free delivery offer.

Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub - If you've been watching Blue Planet II and saw last week's heartbreaking scene of the Mummy whale not letting go of her dead baby.. possibly because of the plastic pollution in the sea.. you may be re-thinking what you wash down the sink. This facial scrub is 99% natural, smells gorgeous but most importantly does not contain any evil microbeads (plastic sea pollutant). £3.33 from Boots. I would re-purchase. This works and is a nice environmentally friendly facial product.

Bravura Hyaluronic Acid Serum* - I have been banging on for ages about the importance of hyaluronic acid in your routine. There are more affordable options than this (I like The Ordinary one) but if you are new user to hyaluronic acid, this gentle gel serum is easy to use and sinks in super quick. £16.60.

Hylamide Matte 12 - I have an oily T-zone and I mean really oily and have been on a life long search for things to mattify my slick. This product has great reviews and is applied on top of your make up, so not as a primer and promises up to 12 hours of mattification (new word). It doesn't. I won't re-purchase this £23.00 thick sticky stuff.

Clinique Take the Day off - A balm cleanser, the like of which I have not been able to better. I use this as my first cleanse and to take off the bulk of my make up. It does it efficiently and effectively. Nothing removes all eye make up, including mascara, like this balm. It doesn't sting my eyes or leave them blurry. The pot lasts ages and as this is my third pot, and I'm already am on to another, this is an ongoing re-purchase. £23.00.

L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Night - A bouncy, lightly scented, gel textured night cream which I really enjoyed using. It did leave my skin plumped and very soft and I like the scent of this. £22.49 from Boots. I've got a backlog of night creams to get through but I would recommend this one.
Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo - I bought this coal tar extract cleansing shampoo because I've been suffering with a dry and sometimes itchy scalp. This is horrible. It smells like the inside of Halfords. And god damn it the smell stays for days after, even if you've used another shampoo. I don't know if it worked because I had to stop using it after two washes. 

Ted Baker Body Wash - The only thing I didn't like about this body wash is that it had a screw off lid, which is a pain when you're in the shower. But the scent is (almost) worth that. And does linger on the skin for a couple of hours after. £8.00. 

Sachajuan Hair Repair - This hair mask/intensive hair conditioning treatment was nice and did leave my hair softer, smoother and feeling hydrated. I'm quite slack on hair care but I would consider buying this from Cult Beauty, £12.00.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Masque - This must be my third pot. I love this clay masque, which I put on to dry hair, and my greasy crown a few minutes before washing my hair and it not only draws out the oiliness from my roots, after drying my hair, I can feel it has more lift where I've used the masque. And by using this, I have been able to extend out the days between hair washing. £5.99.

Soap & Glory Hand Food - You can't go wrong with Soap & Glory, I don't think. It's a fun brand, that smells divine and this hand cream in the handy handbag size is no exception. Leaves my hands richly moisturised but not greasy. £5.50 from Boots.
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (£3.99) and Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer (£8.99) - My dream combo and one I've been using for years now. If you don't see either of these in my empties posts, you know that something is wrong, very wrong.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Another staple for ever and ever in my make up stash. The tone of this bronzer is natural but makes a difference. There's nothing worse than using a bronzer to still look pasty winter white. I want to look alive, bronzed. This is great as a contour as well. Oh and an eye shadow. Already on to a new one. £24.50.

Tarte Maneater mascara - I did enjoy this mascara, I like the wand and it definitely adds volume and real length. The only thing I found was it did go on to my lids when applying, so I had to use a cotton bud to get rid of any smudges but I'm sure that was down to user application rather than the formula. £18.69.

Off to figure out what can go in the recycling box..



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