Sunday, 15 October 2017

Who I Love watching on YouTube

YouTube - your one stop shop for viewing funny cat videos, people falling over and how to unblock a washing machine filter. I didn't watch Youtube for many years because I don't find cat videos funny or entertaining but then I discovered the joy of make up tutorials, shopping hauls and unboxing videos. Youtube has taught me how to contour, apply more than one eye shadow and what I need to buy from the high street. I can spend many happy hours catching up with my favourite vloggers whilst they walk to the tube, wait for the tube and then go up the escalator after getting off the tube. I also really enjoy a cleaning my house time lapse.

I've seen the Youtubers I subscribe to increase in followers and the quality of their videos get more professional. Some even now have someone to film their videos for them and no doubt edit them as well. But I don't care or begrudge them that, I still enjoy watching them. I myself have toyed with the idea of trying my hand at Youtube for a while now and I'm still thinking it through but I know it requires much more than sitting down to review a product - there's the filming set up, right lighting and then editing. I don't know if I have the patience or know how for all that, although of course Youtube can teach me all that!

If, like me, you like to lose an hour or two watching other people's lives, you might be interested in who I subscribe to.

I Covet Thee and Hello October
Two girls who are friends and have their own separate channels but often film together. They do big hauls from Top Shop and Zara. I Covet Thee posted a recent video where she explained that her mum had recently lost her battle to cancer and she and her boyfriend had split up. The raw emotion of her heartfelt video made me cry. 

Real Technique brushes and make up artist sisters, Sam and Nic film easy to follow make up tutorials. They are down to earth and friendly and are youtube veterans.

Nikkie Tutorials
This girl is hilarious. She makes me laugh out loud and comes across as unaffected by her fame. Her use of make up is too heavy for me but I enjoy watching her all the same.

Fleur DeForce
I actually bumped in to Fleur leaving a press event a couple of years ago. She was very sweet to me even though I must have come across as a slightly fan obsessed Mum on a day out (I was!). Her videos are slick, well put together and are a mix between fashion hauls and try ons and beauty.

Megan Ellaby
I've only recently discovered Megan's channel and I've binge watched her fashion videos. She films hauls and wish lists and wears a reassuring mix between high street and designer. Megan has made me want to embrace colour more.

Lizzy Hadfield
Another young fashion blogger/vlogger, Lizzy's easy, slightly masculine style is attainable and so stylish. I've enjoyed watching her move from Manchester, where she shared a stylish apartment with her boyfriend to London after her relationship ended. Lizzy has been filming the furnishing of her new home and she's made me think twice about home ware and spending extra on really special pieces.

Helen Anderson
Helen is another Youtuber who makes me laugh out loud. Her infectious humour and style of filming is more down to earth and like watching a really funny friend. Helen films mostly fashion hauls.

Patricia Bright
What I love about Patricia is she's not afraid to film herself without make up on and then to see the transformation once she's fully made up is like art. She's also funny to watch.

A Model Recommends
Ruth Crilly is a Model Recommends and is also behind my much beloved CoLab dry shampoo. Ruth does mainly beauty videos as well as vlogs about her life.

Zoella and Tanya Burr
I know both of these girls are really aiming more at the teen audience but I really love watching their longer videos. They show their lives and adventures which have been possible because of their Youtube fame. It's what anyone who blogs or films aspires to be.. in our dreams.

Kaushal Beauty
This girl has the prettiest face and flawless skin, so watching her make up tutorials are educational and goals.

Nadine Baggot
The Hello Magazine Beauty Editor films information and honest reviews of all things beauty, focusing more on products to help those of us with maturing skin.

What Olivia Did, The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles
All long time Youtubers, their videos are stylish and gorgeously lit. Olivia is a fashion channel whilst Lily and Anna feature vlogs, beauty and fashion. Lily and Anna's fashion style is not to my taste, although they have both got me interested in investing in quality items like cashmere jumpers and silk shirts. Anna is a champion of the capsule wardrobe which I wish I could subscribe to but I don't think I could be that disciplined.

The Mikalaks
Whilst I've found their recent videos a bit dull, the filming is beautiful. They use a lot of drone footage and obscure angles of their daily lives, which involve married couple Stef and Hannah and their two children. You need to watch a video or two just for the filming quality.

Wayne Goss
A well known make up artist who also has his own line of expensive make up brushes. Wayne does short and to the point make up tip style videos. He also reviews new ranges and products with a refreshing honesty. Although one of his recent videos did recommend wearing no moisturiser or primer before foundation, for a longer lasting base. He's wrong. I tried it and my skin felt like it was going to crack off all day!

If there's anyone you enjoy watching, let me know in the comments as I'm all up for spending even more hours watching the Youtube.



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