Sunday, 22 October 2017

Two Perfect Red Lipsticks (If you're scared of wearing red lipstick!)

I love the idea of wearing red lipstick. You get noticed, it immediately brightens and awakens your complexion, it's the ultimate accessory for any outfit (especially if you're wearing quite a plain or one colour outfit) and of course, red lipsticks are the epitome of Christmas and Winter make up.

Being a brunette, I should wear red lips all the time. I know that red lipstick compliments my dark brown hair and whenever I've been brave enough to wear red lips, I always get a compliment or two and I just look more alive, and don't have to wear as much make up! So why don't I wear red lipstick every day? Because it scares me. Let's face it wearing red lipstick is generally quite high maintenance - you have to ensure your lips are smooth, hydrated and flake free, you have to be on constant lipstick-on-teeth check (or have a good friend to be on the alert) and you have to limit your drink and food intake. Re-applying can be tricky as well as I've found with some red lipsticks that when you need to re-apply, the second application not only dries out your lips, dragging the colour but the shade darkens down with more coats. What a faff.

When Living Nature sent me two of their organic and 100% natural lipsticks, my first thought was that I'd get my daughter to try them out as no one wears a red lip like she does. But then I decided that I needed to stop being so scared and give them a try myself.
Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick
Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick
Living Nature 'Wild Fire' Lipstick - a warm, classic matte red with an orange undertone. This shade is a great day wear red (and would also see you through to Summer). This is my favourite shade of the two. It's a brighter, more fun red which I found really lifted my complexion.
The thing I love about the Living Nature lipsticks is they are not at all drying, apply easily and because they contain organic coconut oil, beeswax and carnauba oil keep lips moisturised for hours.
Here's Wild Fire on my lips.
Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick
Living Nature Wild Fire Lipstick
Living Nature 'Pure Passion' Lipstick - a rich, deep matte red with a crimson undertone. This shade is great for nights out due to its darker hue. 
Living Nature Pure Passion Lipstick
Living Nature Pure Passion Lipstick
Living Nature Pure Passion Lipstick
Living Nature Pure Passion Lipstick
As you can see it's not a frightening dark red, and it is buildable. What I like about the formula of these lipsticks is they are not densely pigmented, so you can apply either as wash of colour, like a tint. I do this by dabbing the lipstick on to my finger and then straight on to my lips. Or for a more intense colour, apply several coats straight from the bullet. 

Both of these lipsticks lasted for a few hours nicely and when I did need to apply, there was no drying or dry lipsticks flakes. Both colours dry down nicely. 

Both shades are available at Botanical Brands for £20.00 each.




  1. These reds look really nice! I've not heard of this brand before, but I'll definitely have to check them out :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thanks Nicole. They're a natural and organic brand, so really green products. Thanks for your comment.
      Julie xx


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