Wednesday, 4 October 2017

September 2017 Favourites

Another late favourites post, because the time is flying by and it's catching me out. Anyway I hope everyone's back to school was ok and you're now back in to the swing of things. I see Christmas Chocolates are taking over the supermarket shelves - look out for boxes of Cadbury's Festive Friends to be featured in my favourites.

Make up - Living Nature Thickening Mascara* 
If you have sensitive skin or eyes, this natural, fragrance free mascara might be the one for you. I was sent the blackened brown shade of the thickening mascara and have enjoyed wearing this for a natural look to my lashes. I really like the shade, which is more black than brown and great for a day time look. Non clumpy and easy to remove, you can get this from Botanical Brands for £21.50.

Make up - Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer £6.49
You may already know I am a big fan of Maybelline Age Rewind under eye concealer and have gone through tubes and tubes. I fancied a bit of a change and Rimmel Match Perfection has also been raved about. It's quirky - its a tube with a brush on the end and I like the applicator and I do also like the formulation and texture. I really can't call it on whether this beats the Maybelline, which I would say is slightly creamier and I do prefer the sponge applicator but it's a close call. The shade I have is 040 Soft Beige and does a great job at concealing and brightening under the eyes.

Hair care - Creightons Frizz no More Miracle Serum £1.00
Yep £1.00 (from Home Bargains but you can also get it in Pound Stretcher etc) for this fab little bottle of non greasy/oily serum. I picked this up as this time of the year my frizzy/static hair is crazy and for £1.00 it was worth a punt. And it is worth it. I put two drops either on wet hair before drying and/or on to dry hair to smooth down the frizz and leave a nice shine.

Fashion - H&M Leather Boots £49.99
After last year's Topshop sale bargain sock boots, which I literally wore to death, I knew I wanted another sock boot this year. But not suede material, which are everywhere. I wanted a sturdier material and I was stunned to find these H&M leather, yes leather, boots for £50. I also joined the H&M club and got 10% off as these were my first order.
They are a great length to wear with shorter length jeans, ankle grazers, skirts, everything. They are a great heel height and comfortable. The leather is soft, especially the ankle section which is buttery soft. I am beyond pleased with these, here's the link.


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