Sunday, 29 October 2017

How to Clean your Home the easy way

So my daughter has moved in to her first home and as part of my moving in present to her, I filled a new washing basket with all the cleaning products I use. I also put a tag around each item with instructions on how to use them, like "use me to shine up the cooker hob".

Many years ago I owned a domestic cleaning business, so I feel I'm fairly experienced in knowing what cleaning products work, and there are a couple of things I swear by and I thought you might like to know as well because who doesn't love a good spring clean and scrub of the bath to take your irritations of the day out on!
Bathroom mousse - This is the easiest way to clean a scummy rimmed bath. Spray the mousse all over the bath and leave for a few minutes and then use a sponge to work it in and then rinse off. I know you should probably not use a sponge with a scouring side but I do and always have done.

Soda Crystals - If I could only have one cleaning product, it would be soda crystals. I used to buy a bag of the crystals and then mix them up with water and put in to a spray bottle. I picked up this pre mixed spray from Wilko. Soda Crystals are gentle yet can shift grease  and stubborn stains like no ones business. I use Soda Crystals for de-greasing kitchen cupboards, cooker hoods, cleaning grubby finger prints from doors and light switches and scuff marks on walls. The solution can leave a very slight white powdery finish, so I do a final wipe over with hot soapy water. When I use Soda Crystals on a metal cooker hood (nothing else shifts grease like this), I then wipe over with soapy water, dry and then wipe over a tiny amount of baby oil to bring the shine back up.
Soda Crystals are also the only thing I've found to clean up the grout in between tiles.

Limescale remover - I usually get Cilit Bang but Mr Muscle was on offer so picked this one up. I spray limescale remover around the base of taps and the inside of the shower screen, and then leave for five minutes. I use an old toothbrush to clean off the brown limescale from the base of taps and then a sponge for the shower screen. I then rinse off and wipe dry with an old flannel.
Erase Away/Magic Eraser - What ever brand you pick up, these white blocks of .. spongey stuff are literally magic. You wet the sponge and then this will remove stubborn scuffs from walls (it will also remove the paint so wipe gently), shoe scuffs from PVC doors and generally clean up all your PVC doors and window frames, nail polish scuffs on the bath and any marks that you've struggled to wipe off with anything else. And you don't need to use anything other than water with the sponge, so no harsh chemically smelling products.

Baby Oil - A tiny bit of oil on a micro fibre cloth buffed onto a metal or aluminium surface (cooker hob, door, kettles, toasters, oven hoods..) will bring the silver shine back up.

White Wonder from Lakeland - This cream does a  brilliant job shifting those small dark marks you get on your carpet when you've walked in with shoes on. It's also great for stains on clothes. For carpets, dab on to the mark and work it in and then rub off with a clean dry cloth.
And my tools of choice for a spring cleaning session - rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning products and you can use really hot water without drying your hands out. An old toothbrush for cleaning around taps, the grout in between tiles and the ends of a shower screen that a sponge won't get in to.  I use the less abrasive cleaning sponges with the white scouring side.

Micro fibre cloths are the best thing to use to dry sinks, showers and baths and shower screens after cleaning. They soak up any excess water, meaning no annoying hard water marks left behind. I have a micro fibre cloth (or old flannel) next to my sink and wipe it round after every use, this helps to keep the sink looking cleaner and shinier for longer.

Two other items that are part of my cleaning bag but are not photographed are:

Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover - If you get any of those black mould marks on/within the sealant in your shower or around your bath, spray this on and leave for a short while and they will vanish. This product was recommended to me by a plumber and it really does do the trick.

Oven Pride - Just in case you haven't used this before, when you need to clean your oven (however dirty it might be), just pop the racks in to the bag with the majority of the solution and then the remainder pour on to the oven base and wipe over the sides and door. Make sure you use rubber gloves and don't splash this on to you or clothing, or breath it in. But it makes light work of really dirty ovens, with minimal effort or scrubbing.

I hope you find some of these tips/recommendations helpful, particularly if you are moving in to your first home and need a bit of guidance (because your Mum isn't doing it any more!).


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