Monday, 4 September 2017

A Transitional Haul (because it's getting a bit chilly!)

I'm not really sure when we started using the term "transitional" to reference the change of season from the end of summer to the start of autumn but it does sum up this in between period of weather and what to wear pretty perfectly. Take last weekend - Saturday was like a balmy summer's day with highs of 26 degrees. I was in London and saw people sun bathing on the Common.  Then Sunday it rained all day and I gave serious thought to putting the heating on, to take the chill off you know.

Anyway in preparation for the impending change in temp, I've packed all my summer clothes back up in the loft (literally didn't even get to wear half of them this year!) and down has come my warmer clothes. I've also picked up a few things recently to embrace the new season and to add some autumnal shades in to my wardrobe.
H&M striped long sleeve tshirt - £12.99 (I think, can't find it online but I got mine in store)
This easy to wear long sleeve T also comes in black and I think light blue. I need to go back and get more as these are a great transitional piece - long sleeve and soft fabric but not so thick for those freak 25 degree days.
New Look Funday jumper - £19.99
This is a dupe for the astronomically expensive Bella Freud 1970 jumper, which I should have as that's my birth year. However, I love the red and white and black colour combo and this jumper is light enough to be worn right now, or in winter under a thick jacket.
Weekday J'Adore Diana Tshirt - £12.00
Weekday has only very recently come onto my radar and last weekend I popped in to the Regent Street store, which has just opened. Weekday are a jeans and basics range but at affordable prices with heavy, quality fabrics. Check out their website here.
I just had to pick up this t-shirt, which is very current as we mark the 20th anniversary since Lady Diana's death. And at this transitional time, t-shirts are great for wearing under jackets or cardigans..
River Island Red Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan - £40.00
I saw this super soft, thick cardi on Instagram and couldn't stop thinking about it. I love the colour and it's so thick and warm that I'm aiming to wear it in place of a coat on non rainy days. I mean let's face it, there's no way I'm getting a coat over that bad boy.

Arm detail..
Colour matching..
I think my new work place is going to be really cold in autumn and winter, so I picked up this thin knit from Zara.
And here's a close up of the on trend pearl button detailing..
This Zara mustard coloured jumper also comes in stripes or grey and it's only £19.99.
I also picked two pairs of jeans and in particular straight leg jeans, which are so much more comfortable to wear. I bought these light wash jeans from M&S and from their outlet store but they are very similar to the straight legs they have in store currently. I haven't worn a light wash jean for a long time and I like them. (I'm wearing the wrong shoes here with them and would normally go either flat shoes or trainers).
These darker wash jeans are from Gap, in the sale, and I've purposely gone for a shorter leg so they don't drag on the floor when I wear trainers.

And my favourite item has to be this check blazer from Primark. Blazers are everywhere this season and why not, they are the perfect transitional piece and smarten up a basic jeans and tshirt look. To me wearing a blazer is like having a security blanket around you. But then I grew up in the 80's where you were no one without a heavily shoulder padded blazer!

It is a longline blazer and comes to mid thigh length.
And it only cost £17. And comes with pre ruched sleeves.
I hope some of these pieces have got you feeling all autumnal and ready for the new season.




  1. Lovin' these pieces! Really excited to start wearing fall clothing again!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Thanks Nicole. Yes roll on the thermals!
      Julie xx

  2. Some great choices there Julie. I love the red cardigan, looks so cosy and warm and I keep seeing that blazer around, I definitely need to go get myself one, I love a blazer! It looks fab on you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Steph. The blazer is proving a hit with me and for £17, bargain of the year!
      Julie xx


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