Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The "I've overslept" products for a quick turnaround

We've all been there - you start to come to out of your warm, cozy slumber, you then become aware that it is very light outside, you glance at the clock and you've slept through the alarm and you're late for work!

With a panicked and sinking feeling in your stomach, you need to prioritise what little time you have to get ready and out the door. So here are my quick and easy products to get you looking like you've had all the time in the world.
Kiko Hydra Pro Glow
Kiko Hydra Pro Glow
Step 1 - Moisturiser with glow
This moisturiser has hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate skin and then the added "glow" to brighten your skin tone and make you look luminous and refreshed. I adore this light cream and will re-purchase, although it's lasted me so long already. The glow from the pink coloured cream is really noticeable and gives such a nice boost. £20.90.
Collection Lasting Perfection and Maybelline Eye Eraser concealers
Step 2 - Concealers
No time for foundation and those precious minutes having to blend it in but no matter because concealer basically targets the areas you want to cover anyway - under eyes, spots, around the nose and any other areas of redness. 
I've been loyal to this combination for a long time now and have no need or desire to change. I use the Maybelline Eye Eraser under my eyes to brighten and conceal dark shadows and generally give me a false "I've been awake for ages" look. £8.99.

The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I use around my nose and on any spots.  Using this combo really gives my skin a near perfected base. £4.19.
Rimmel Radiance Brick (medium)
Step 3 - Bronzer and eyeshadow
This multi tonal bronzer not only brings colour and contour to your face, as it has a very subtle shimmer, it also adds a lovely glow and highlight - all in a swipe with a large bronzing brush. Bronzer is my desert island must have. If I don't use bronzer my face just looks lifeless and sallow. If you can only use one thing when you're running late - bronzer!

And as this is a multi tonal, there are enough variations of colour to apply a quick swipe of all over bronze to your eyelids. Add a darker shade to your socket line and then a dab of the lighter highlight colour to the inner corners of your eyes to open up those tired eyes. £5.99.
Studio 10 Lip & Cheek Tint
Studio 10 Wake up & Glow Lip & Cheek Tint
Step 4 - Lips and Cheeks
To give a fresh pop of colour to the cheeks and lips, I use this dual purpose cream. I put a few dots on to the apples of my cheeks and blend/pat out with my fingers. Because this is a cream it gives cheeks a lovely fresh and glowy finish.
It also applies as a hydrating and rich lipstick tint, which is so easy to apply, you could even do it whilst running to your car or the bus. £24.00.
Rimmel Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer and Setting Spray
Rimmel Fix & Go 2-in-1 Primer and Setting Spray
Step 5 - Set and GO!
And just as you're dashing out the door, a quick light misting of this primer and setting spray will ensure your make up stays in place all day. £6.99.

I can apply this quick 5 step routine in less than 5 minutes. And will often only wear this routine not just when I'm short on prep time but when I just CBA!



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