Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Naked Heat for Everyday Use?

I did think about not posting my review on the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, as the internet is awash with reviews but I decided it's too pretty not to and I think it's versatility is worth telling you about.

So during a recent day trip to London, I wandered in to Urban Decay in Carnaby Street. Of course I'd seen the release of Naked Heat and had thought it looked nice but at £39.50 I wasn't about to order online for fear of receiving it damaged or not liking what appeared to be brightly toned shades. But in a very unlike me (I like to think about and research purchases for an irritating amount of time!), I walked confidently to the till and asked if they had any in store. They did. I purchased. It was that easy, and I had no pangs of guilt at all. Can I also say that the staff in Urban Decay were a delight. Not at all like Mac staff!

Anyway I did think that this was going to be a palette "for best" and "nights out", both of which I don't partake in much but actually I've been using this everyday since I bought it. For work and weekends. Yes all the shades are really pigmented (so they should be at that price) so you only need a gentle dab with a brush and I do find that even the lighter colours show up richer/more intense on my lids but it's fun to practice and try out. I tend to use one of the lighter shades all over my lid and then a mid tone shade for the socket line and outer corner and then a darker shade as a liner.
There are 12 powders, 4 of which are shimmery shades and the rest are mattes. The palette also comes with a decent dual ended brush which I have been using.

Swatches of the first 4 lighter shades are left to right: Ounce, Chaser, Sauced and Low Blow.
Swatches of the middle 4 mid toned shades: Lumbre, He Devil, Dirty Talk and Scorched.
And swatches of the last 4 darker shades: Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes and Ember.
The shimmer shades are gorgeous as well and can be worn as an all over colour, or just as an accent highlight pop in the centre of your lid.

Like most eye shadow palettes I am using one more than the others and that is Sauced, which is a light, warm brown which looks great just on its own.

I am so glad I didn't think about buying this palette. What seemed at first to be a palette just for the more adventurous eye make up wearer or nights out out, is really a versatile all occasions and work days item for your make up bag.



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  1. This palette is very pretty ! Since I don't wear eyeshadows during the day I can't really justify it just for parties ;)


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