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I hit pan! (Empties worth a re-purchase?) #4

I really enjoy doing empties posts because I can tell you what I thought of the product after using it all up. I hate waste so, unless something is really bad, I will use it all up and can tell you whether I would buy it again.  So here's this round of pan hitters.
Mandara Spa Hand Butter* - I like to surround myself with hand creams. I can't bear to have dry hands and have to moisturise them after every hand wash. This hand cream has shea butter and you can tell because the rich cream leaves hands feeling soft and moisturised for a long time after applying. Yes I would repurchase but then again there are so many hand creams out there to discover..

Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash - I bought this mouthwash specifically because now and then I suffer a little with bleeding gums. Over zealous brushing I reckon. This mouthwash does stop bleeding gums and like most mouthwashes it is strong and leaves the tip of my tongue tingling for ages. It's not overly pleasant but as it does the job I need it to do, I have already repurchased.

Good Things Restoring Body Scrub - This scrub smells divine. I need to find out if they do it in a body wash. They do, with Coconut and Cocoa Butter-yummy. This non harsh but effective body scrub is a delight to use and is free from nasties like animal ingredients, sulphates, parabens and mineral oils.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Still love the Garnier micellar waters. They do a great job of removing make up and dirt. I use as a second cleanse to ensure all last traces of make up are gone. The big bottle lasts me ages, even though I use it quite generously. I don't think I'll never not re-purchase.

Sanex Dermo Sensitive Anti-Perspirant - Thanks to my sister for recommending Sanex to me after I had a skin reaction to Mitcham. Sanex restored my pits back to their previous smooth, soft, non irritated selfs. Granted this anti-perspirant is not as long lasting as Mitcham but there was a price to pay for that, which I eventually did with my sore pits. Already re-purchased a few times.

Mitcham 48hr Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant - I have to say that I used Mitcham for a long time before I had a reaction to it and because I wasn't sure what it was, I continued using it, which made things worse. I would give Mitcham a go again, particularly for those days when I need 48hr protection and if I alternate it with Sanex, I should be ok.

CoLab Dry Shampoo Fruity Fragrance - In my humble opinion CoLab do the best dry shampoos. I love that they do not leave any white powder in my hair. This fruity fragrance was nice and sweet but let me tell you, the Tropical fragrance is delicious and the packaging is so cute.
Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse - I've already written previously that I didn't like this and that's because I do not think it's good value for money. One side is a solid balm, which I love but I got through this much quicker than the second cleanse side, which is a cream. I also didn't like the cream. It wasn't a thick enough cream for me. So no re-purchase and back to my trusted Clinique Take the Day off cleansing balm.

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - I must have got this in a beauty box because it's a mini but actually lasted me a while and for a once a week 10 minute mask, it was great. It was easy to take off and did leave my skin glowing. I would pick this up again.

NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex - Another item I received in a beauty box, which was a steal as to buy this is £38! I always use a hyaluronic acid product and whilst this was good, due to the cost I wouldn't repurchase. The Ordinary do a great hyaluronic acid for £5.90 though.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - I've wanted to try this for such a long time and although this is a mini, it has lasted me ages. This night serum is lovely and I did feel it helped to improve the texture of my skin. I wouldn't repurchase this but only because I have a backlog of serums to try.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - This was my 2nd or 3rd re-purchase of this foundation, so I think that shows how much I enjoyed it. But fickle me has now moved on to loving another (foundation) and such is my greed for my favourite make up product that I am currently loving four foundations! If you haven't tried this, it is worth a try if you are after a medium to full, flawless coverage.

Benefit Dew the Hoola- This is another mini from a beauty box and is a liquid bronzer. You can use it either as you would a powder bronzer or as I did as an all over liquid "tan", either as well as foundation or instead of. I really enjoyed this and will be re-purchasing.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer - You would have seen this under eye concealer in my empties before. This to brighten my under eye area and then Collection Lasting Perfection concealer for all other concealer areas is my go to duo.
Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara - I've used this mascara for the longest time, and I've missed using it so will be re-purchasing. I've been using more expensive mascaras for a change and whilst they've been great, I think I'll always go back to Lash Sensational. The wand grabs every lash, giving a full and lengthened look, with no rub off on the lids.

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara - I had always wondered about the hype around this mascara and was chuffed to get it in a beauty box (QVC Tili beauty boxes, which come out every three months are great for trying high end products). It's a great mascara with a good brush and really coats lashes giving a volumised look. I won't be re-purchasing purely because I think drugstore mascaras are great, and affordable.

Tarte Tarteist mascara - This was part of a Tarte discovery set I bought from QVC and I have really enjoyed using it. I'm currently using another Tarte mascara from their Maneater set, and I don't like that one as much as this one. No re-purchase for the reason stated above and there are a few new drugstore mascaras I want to try.

Benefit Gimme Brow - I'm so glad I discovered gimme brow. It's quick and easy to use and keeps my brows looking fuller and in place. I've already re-purchased. Although I'm quite intrigued to try their Brow Zings palette.

Honestly, don't you just love make up?




  1. I haven't found any high end mascaras as good as the drugstore brands, with the exception of a waterproof one from Eyeko. I was wondering about trying the Tilbury foundation. Does it hide imperfections and give a radiant (non matte) finish? Gail (Is This Mutton)

    1. Hi Gail. For me the CT foundation gives a non glowy finish, it does cover imperfections and is semi matte.
      Thanks for reading.
      Julie xx

  2. Wonderful post and thank you for the feedback on these items. I will definitely try the lash sensation mascara as I have heard a lot of good things about it.

    1. Thanks Pauline. That mascara is really good. I'm looking forward to going back to it.
      Julie xx

  3. Never tried Ren but will look them up next time I'm shopping! I love the Pixi cleanse but use the cream quicker than the balm - weird! I've also had my eye on the CT foundation but nowhere near me sells it so I'm nervous about colour matching from the screen!
    Em x

    1. Definitely get colour matched before buying the foundation. I've made too many mistakes with guessing foundation! I went to the shop in Covent Garden but there's now a few concessions so my nearest is in Bristol in John Lewis.
      Thanks for commenting Emma.
      Julie xx


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