Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Ten Days in Pefkos, Rhodes

Pefkos beach
My family holiday this year saw us head to Rhodes for the first time. We rented a 3 bed villa in a small town called Pefkos, which is only a 15 minute drive from Lindos. This year was the first time we went away for 10 days and I have to say what a difference those 3 extra days make. I feel 10 days is the perfect amount of time, you can really relax in to your time away and get to enjoy it but without getting bored (not that I think anyone gets "bored" on holiday!).

Our villa was a modern, modestly sized villa with a good sized pool. The plus points of the villa were the air con in every room, Sue - the lady who came in every day to clean and keep the villa tidy for us, the location (short walking distance) to a few lovely restaurants and the beach.
The slightly negative points are the road to the front of the villa. We got used to it but it was fairly noisy and it is the only road out of Pefkos to the next resort. And there was only one shower for a 3 bed villa. (Cries of "shower's free" every night!). And the main bathroom was very small.

Here's the link to the villa.
Our villa was situated down the lower end of Pefkos, so apart from the road it was fairly quiet. Just adjacent to the villa is a lovely restaurant called Coralli, and being villa guests we got 10% off our bill each time. We visited Coralli several times and all our meals were really nice. On the last night I had my first whole Sea Bass, which was so tasty.
There are a couple of small supermarkets near to the villa which offer all your basic food needs. We did find a larger supermarket, which was a lot cheaper but this was back towards the airport and actually we found that all our meals out were so reasonable priced that is was cheaper to eat out than buy everything we needed for a BBQ.
Another great restaurant in the main area of Pefkos is Hellas. We had a couple of people recommend this to us and it did not disappoint. Although the first time we went, we were invaded with wasps. The waiters were quite good at using the zap bat but the wasps were really annoying. Apparently as the temperature gets hotter, the wasps bugger off as it's too hot for them!

The beach right opposite the villa is perfectly adequate, albeit with quite sharp sand. Just along the road in Pefkos are two other beaches - Lee, which is a soft yellow sand beach and then our favourite was Kyma Beach. Lots of free parking, two beach bar/restaurants close by and for 5 euro a day you get a comfortable sun lounger, parasol and frozen bottle of water served up by a not unattractive guy!

We went in to nearby Lindos twice - once for the day, visiting the Acropolis and beach and then, on a friend's recommendation we went back in the evening to visit Mythos roof top restaurant.
View from the top of Lindos Acropolis
Lindos main beach
Lindos St Paul's Bay beach
St Paul's Bay is as stunning as it looks. Over to the far right is a tiny chapel, which is popular for weddings and whilst sat sun bathing we saw at least two wedding parties walk down the steep slip road and get married.
View of the Acropolis
And the same view at night
Lindos to me was the gem of this holiday. I'm going to sound crass but Lindos is what I call "proper Greek". What I mean is Pefkos is lovely but you could be anywhere but in Lindos you know and feel you are in Greece. From the white washed buildings, winding cobbled streets that you can happily get lost in and then the almost hidden cove beaches. I fell in love with Lindos and would definitely go back.
See.. proper Greek!



  1. The pictures are so nice !

  2. It sounds like you've had an amazing time, Lindos looks lovely, and your photographs are stunning. I know what you mean about proper Greek, most of the tourist areas in Greece now are similar but some little towns are very traditional. Have you been to Skiathos? I think you'd like it there, Skiathos town is lovely & very traditional but Koukanaries is amazing to stay at, the beach is incredible xxxxx

    1. Ohh thanks Zoe I'm going to look into Skiathos maybe for next year.
      Julie xx

  3. Loved your pictures. Have been to Rhodes a couple of times but sadly never made it to Lindos! We went to Skiathos this year (there's an article on my blog) but it's not really "proper Greek" even though it's lovely and people go back year after year.


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