Saturday, 15 July 2017

Death of the Swimsuit (for me!)

Primark swimsuit
I used to love wearing a bikini on holiday and one of my favourite areas to tan was my tummy. Don't know why because no one sees your tummy after your holiday. But just as my age has expanded, so has my tummy. Middle age spread, lack of exercise and IBS have all contributed towards having a constantly bloated tummy that I didn't want to tan and I certainly didn't want to show off! So I started to wear tankinis, a split swimsuit that's easier to wear and easier to pop to the loo in. And if I wanted to, I could just roll up the tankini top and get my tum out for a bit of fresh air.

And then a few years ago, much to my delight, swimsuits came back in to fashion. And I did embrace them. Swimsuits give you a seemless, flattened silhouette and really hold you in. Some even offer "tummy control" with a tighter band of material across your stomach and/or ruching of material to create a textured front and, therefore, detract from any bulging. The swimsuit above from Primark is a perfect example of this.

And some swimsuits can give an illusion of a slimmer figure with careful placing of material sections and patterns. Topshop did a lovely cream swimsuit with a simple black band of material around the waist. This gave the illusion of pulling in the waist line.

This swimsuit from Asda George is so heavily patterned that any extra tummy will be easily disguised.
Asda George swimsuit
However, this year on holiday, whilst I sat sweating and over heating on a Greek beach, in my all in one swimsuit, I looked around me at all the much cooler looking women in their two pieces. I saw all shapes and sizes and most importantly most of the older ladies were wearing bikinis, and rocking them. And they had lovely bronzed midriffs. They were also able to pop to the toilet in a much shorter amount of time than me. You'll know what I mean when I say trying to go to the loo in a swimsuit is like trying to peel down a skin over a slippery, misshapen sausage! It's not fun.

So I have decided that I'm not going to wear swimsuits any more. I'm going to accept the fact that I am not the same age and shape as the girls on Love Island and yes I have a paunch but I'm going to get that paunch out, get it tanned and not give a damn.

To help me, I have found some great two pieces that I think will suit those of us who want to wear a bikini but don't want to wear some god awful cut out, under boob revealing, g-string, one shoulder strapped, weird tan line inducing get up!

All of these are from Asos:
I love this monochrome set and with big pants these cover your tum if that's what you want.
More big pants and this bright summery pattern will help to hide any lumps and bumps.
The halter neck top on this set gives a different look to a traditional bikini top and would be great for days when you need to shield some over zealous tanning from the day before!
The pretty scalloped edging on this set will also help to draw the eye away from the tummy area. And the strapless top means no strap marks.
This set does look a bit like underwear but I was drawn to the frilly detail on the leg area and the frills on the top are great for those of us with small boobs.
And just for luck - is this tankini from Next. Tankinis are great for total tum coverage but when you want to, just roll the top up and let it all hang out. I love the geometric pattern.

So here's looking forward to my next holiday when I will be baring all. All of my love handles/muffin top/food lover's handbag...

I may be too old to go on Love Island but I too will be getting an (almost) all over tan.



  1. I love this!! I have bought 2 tankinis for my hols this year, I like strapless ones & they're hard to find! But I've got them now. I tried a bikini but being a LOT bigger than you I didn't feel confident, I've said to Si & the girls that next year I'm going to be brave & wear a bikini but how good I'll feel is a worry! You look great & if I had your figure I'd definitely rock a bikini, the lilac scalloped one is stunning! Here's to us both being brave next year ❤️Xxxxx

    1. Thanks Zoe, I wasn't sure about posting this but I cannot be that hot again just because I feel I can't expose my mature tum! It's only us that worry isn't it. No one else gives a hoot! Xx

  2. I went through exactly the same thing! I started wearing swimsuits but then looked at all the other women on the beach and they all seemed at ease in a bikini, no matter what their size. I tend to buy them from Freya or Fantasie.

    1. Oh thanks Gail I'll check out Freya and Fantasie as well.
      Julie xx


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