Monday, 5 June 2017

May 2017 Favourites

And we're half way through the year - what the?!

May for me was the month I tried my first solo travel (if you missed it, you can check out my Palma post here. And I re-joined the gym. So kitted out in new gym wear, I've been trying out yoga and body combat and I'm really enjoying it. My goal is to be able to do combat without my face going the colour of a post box and staying like that for at least 3 hours after!

So favourites for May are as follows, oh and I thought I'd also add in a "not a favourite at all" category.
The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation
The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation
Make up - The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation
I've waited 2 months for this new foundation. As you may know The Ordinary is a new kid on the block and their skincare range is one that I and everyone else love, for its super affordability and use of proven high end ingredients. 
The Ordinary have now launched Colours - which is their make up range and the first two items to be released are the foundations. A full coverage and a lighter, serum foundation. I ordered both versions two months ago and due to ridiculous volumes of orders on the wait list alone, there are still delays in getting orders fulfilled. So whilst I am still waiting for the full coverage version, which was the one I was most interested in, I've received the serum foundation and have to say that I love it.

The serum foundation has a spf 15 and really does apply as easily as a serum. I've tried applying it with my fingers (unheard of), sponge and a brush and all give a great result. This is a light, your skin but better, coverage and I love how when I get home from work, it hasn't settled or gone patchy around my nose. This is so cheap - £5.70 and is still on pre-order but when the madness dies down, I'm sure you won't have to wait two months to get it. The plastic bottle is tiny but actually at 30ml is the same size as a lot of other foundations whose bottles are much bigger, therefore, using excessive packaging.
I got the shade 1.2Y, which is a bit too dark for me but when blended out is fine and I do have a bit of tan on my face.

When I eventually get the full coverage foundation, I will be doing a full review post on both and comparison, so look out for that but in the meantime, this is very good.
Soaper Duper Body Wash
Soaper Duper Body Wash
Skincare - Soaper Duper Body Wash
Soaper Duper is a new brand from the woman who also created Soap & Glory and Bliss and all the products (body wash, hand soap, hand cream, body scrub, lotion and butters) are free from plastic microbeads, parabens, SLS and colourants. 
At first I bulked at spending £6.50 on a shower gel (I know I am tight!) but I really wanted to try it, so thought I'd splash out and it's been the best £6.50 I've spent in a while. Firstly the bottle is huge - 500ml so will last for ages. And it smells divine. I have the deluxe Yuzufruit & Fig version which has a fig (shocker) scent that is fresh and awakening. It's lovely. 
You can only get the range at Tesco at the mo but I can see that changing soon.
H&M Pink T-shirt
H&M Pink T-shirt
Fashion - Pink T-shirt from H&M
I picked this up in Palma and have seen a white version in my local store so I'm sure the pink is available. The body is normal t-shirt material and then the frills on the sleeves are in shirt cotton. Pink is a bit of a departure colour for me but it looks so good with jeans and I love the frilly sleeve detail. I can't remember how much this was, it was in Euro but it was definitely less than £20.
H&M Pink T-shirt
Misc - Sanex Deodorant and Sing Movie
In previous posts I've raved about Mitcham antiperspirant and how effective it is. And it was. But then for some unknown reason, I developed a sore patch of sensitive skin on one of my underarms. So sore in fact that I couldn't bear to use Mitcham on it. One of my sisters (thanks Em) recommended Sanex and said I should get the roll on and then the spray for extra protection and the scent.
Within days of using Sanex my sensitive skin (which was now on both underarms) had cleared up completely and even before it went, appying Sanex to my sore skin didn't hurt or irritate at all. And I didn't feel the need to use the spray as well as the roll on, the roll is efficient on it's own. Sanex is made specifically for sensitive skin so if you ever get a problem like I did, I can highly recommend it.

Which leads me on to my Not a favourite at all which has to be Mitcham Antiperspirant. It caused such a sore patch and I got a dark red area of skin, almost like a bruise and it hurt like you wouldn't believe to shave. To be fair I've been using Mitcham for nearly 2 years now and this is the first time I have had this reaction, so maybe it was just a one off reaction but still not a favourite in May for me.

Sing - one of those aimed at kids but also made for adults animated films. If you want to watch a straightforward fun film with a brilliant soundtrack and really famous actors doing the voice overs, Sing is a feel good distraction that I think we could all do with at the moment.

Stay safe xx



  1. I've just picked up a couple of skincare bits from The Ordinary, dying to try their foundation though! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about their high coverage one xx

    Lucy |

    1. Thanks Lucy.
      I'll look out for your review, if you do one, on the bits you got.
      Julie xx

  2. I look forward to reading your review on the full coverage foundation, I cant wait to try their products. That pink top looks fab on you too, great colour x


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