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June (Holiday) 2017 Favourites

June Holiday Favourties
June Holiday Favourties
I'm back. My holiday is over. Ten days away in June and what with the many days before of packing prep and a last minute (and fruitless) search for espadrilles, it only feels right that this month my favourites are what really worked for me when I was away in Greece.

Make Up - L'Oreal Gold Obsession in Nude Gold (£6.99)
This has to be the perfect holiday lipstick shade. Firstly it's easy to apply and glides on without drying out lips or leaving those annoying dry bits. The shade is a mid nude with a subtle gold shimmer which catches the light in a really alluring way. For evenings on holiday when no one wants to be wearing loads of make up - a swipe of this lipstick and a coat of mascara is all you need. And maybe just a smidge of highlighter..

Skincare - Asda Protect Clear Sun Spray (2 for £6.00)
Every holiday I have ever been on, I've gone for the big brand sun creams - Nivea, Ambre Solaire, Piz Buin etc. And aren't they expensive? A friend of mine was telling me how she now uses Asda's own sun care range, after it had come out above all the big brands in a Which survey. And when I looked at the shelves, I could see that while Asda's range had a 5 star rating for UVA protection, the other big brands were falling behind with 3 or 4 star ratings, but at three times the price.
I picked up two 200ml clear sun spray bottles for £6. That's for two! And I have to say I am really impressed. Recently I went to Majorca and was using a much more expensive sun cream and I burnt a little, had dry patches and pigmentation and it was so thick and was hard to remove even after showering. However, this Asda spray is light, clear and smells lovely and fresh.  I gained an even tan, with no redness or burning or weird pigmentation.
This spray can just be sprayed on with no need to rub in, so really great if you don't have help with applying to your back.
New Greek discoveries for me - Feta, Tzatziki, Moussaka. I loved them all and have been adding Feta to all my salads and will be trying my hand at making home made Tzatziki because as my brother in law advised - shop bought is not the same at all.

Misc - Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray
After being practically eaten alive by mosquitoes during my last holiday to a Greek Island (and still baring the bite scars), I was determined to find an effective repellent. After much internet searching I found a lot of great reviews for this oldie but goodie dry oil spray which has been used as a mosquito repellent for years. And it doesn't have that horrible cloying chemical smell you get with most repellents.
So did it work? Well I did get 2 bites, just before the end of the holiday but unlike before they have not turned in to anything really big and have not been itchy, so I would recommend this. 
Fashion (sort of) - Short pyjamas (Matalan £5.00 per piece, sold separately)
I've tried short pjs before and just found the shorts too short. I don't want a "cheeky short" thanks, I just want to be cool but decent. These aren't a set but are kind of the same colour so go well together. The material is super soft and the shorts are decent - they don't ride up and become G-shorts in the night!

If you've got your holiday coming up - have a great one.



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  1. I'm definitely going to check out the Asda sun care, we usually use Piz Buin but it is around £16 a bottle even on a buy one get one free it's expensive. I have a couple of bottles of Calypso that has been sent that I'm going to take with me too but will definitely check it out, I love your pjs too, I never think to check Matalan, I need to change that! We have been going to Greece for years and we love it, we are off again later in the summer to a new destination so looking forward to that. I love Chicken Souvlaki and Stifado, Gyros, all the Greek food ha ha. I'm really pleased you had a lovely time, it was great following your holiday journey on Instagram too xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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