Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Stradivarius - My new clothing obsession

Stradivarius off the shoulder top
Whilst I was getting lost in Palma, Majorca , I wandered into a shop called Stradivarius. A Spanish clothing store which I had heard of somewhere but never looked in to what it is or what they do. More fool me. 
Stradivarius is everything I love in a clothing retailer - affordable, on trend, colourful and fun. Think H&M prices with Zara styling.

I curse the day I didn't buy more but I was thinking of my already full suitcase but no matter as Stradivarius is available online and has two UK stores in London (Oxford Street and Westfield Stratford City).

I picked up three items, all of which I've been wearing pretty much non stop.
Stradivarius asymmetrical top with frill
This pin striped cotton top might seem familiar to you and that's because Topshop did it but when I tried to get one, it was sold out and has now disappeared from the Topshop website. You can wear this top (as it's probably intended) with one shoulder off or if you don't have a strapless bra to hand, you can wear it on both shoulders as above. £19.99 and here's the link. 
Stradivarius asymmetrical top with fril
Stradivarius asymmetrical top with frill - side view
Yes this is a basic vest but I struggle with vests - they're either too tight fitting or too long and shapeless. I love the fairly low back on this vest and it's really soft material and looks great worn with shorts or a denim skirt. £7.99.
Stradivarius striped linen tank top
Stradivarius striped linen tank top
I had fallen out of love with skinny jeans, finding all mine uncomfortable and a bit too long. However, these jeans have restored the love. They are so soft, stretchy and comfortable and I like the subtle distressing and light wash. £19.99
Stradivarius skinny fit jean
Stradivarius skinny fit jean
Booty shot..
Stradivarius skinny fit jean
Stradivarius was also featured in a recent Look magazine, High Street picks.
Their shoes, online, are also worth checking out.. so why not take a little look if you aren't already familiar with Stradivarius.


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  1. I LOVE that first top. Exactly what I like in a top and it looks great on you. Im not a huge fan of total of the shoulder on me, so this would be fab. Great find whilst lost!


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