Saturday, 27 May 2017

A tour of my blogging room

Who doesn't love a good nosy inside other people's homes? So I thought I'd show you my spare room, a.k.a where I sit and type up my blog posts. It's my "Blogging Room" and also where I keep the bulk of my beauty products. 

I wanted the room to be purposeful and not just a desk by the side of a bed. I also, personally, find it much better to blog sat on a proper chair, at a desk, rather than on my bed or slumped on the sofa as I would become too distracted. I'm quite happy with the look and feel of this room now and enjoy working here. It's bright in the day and cozy at night.
The desk is a really inexpensive one from Ikea, the one where you buy the top and legs separately. The desk top is the Linmon and is 120 x 60cm (£15) and the Adils legs (£2.50 each). 
The drawers are the Ikea Alex five drawer unit (£50 each) and are perfect for storing all manner of beauty products in. I always save any beauty boxes which I use inside the drawers. Here's a quick run through of my drawers:
Sun care drawer
Beauty sundries - cotton wool, lady soap, razors, deodrant
Eye Shadow Palettes (not all of them!)
Stuff I'm not using anymore - to be passed on
Misc bits and brushes
Hair care and Body Wash
Body Moisturisers
Face creams, cleansers, oils, serums
Face Masks, Scrubs, Peels, Cleansers
Nail Care and some Polishes
I use the Ikea Kallax shelving unit (£30) for general storage of files etc and empties.
I like to utilise most of the desk top space but hopefully still keeping it quite clear.
Two of my favourite things in my Blogging Room are the desk lamp, which I got from Aldi for £19.99 a couple of months ago.
Aldi Desk Lamp
And this perspex Louis Ghost chair, which I bought years ago and was for my daughter's desk but I've now nabbed it. I can't remember where I bought it from but if you Google, there are loads of places (including the evil Ebay) where you can get one from. I have to be honest and say I sit on mine with a blanket over it, as it's quite cold to sit on without one, and I have a couple of cushions for long writing session comfort!
Louis Ghost Chair
Louis Ghost Chair
So that's my home office/blogging/beauty product storage room. I'm still on the look out for a few more pictures/prints to fill up all the wall space, and I would really enjoy a white board for writing plans and notes on...



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  1. Thanks for sharing this Julie. Great timing for me as Im just starting to renovate my current office into my blogging room. Im always on the lookout for inspiration. I love that lamp too, gorgeous!


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